26 February 2012

Channeler: Young

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~February 26, 2012~

Have you allowed yourself to stop and really feel that the New IS indeed something that can happen and has endless possibilities? Have you allowed yourself to believe that a world of peace is possible? That harmony between all races, beings and living organisms can be achieved? It is time to release any old that tell you that the New Earth in all its glory cannot be possible and to begin to envision the world of your dreams. That is how the New Earth will be created. ~Archangel Gabriel

Can you feel it? If you stop and allow yourself to move into stillness and quiet awareness, you will be able to feel the shift that is happening, the excitement of it, and the endless potential that is the New Earth. Once you tap into that, you will know, without a doubt, that the ascension IS happening and you are a valued and valuable part of it. Feel it and allow your heart to sing! ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 25, 2012~

Procrastination is a practice many of the human condition struggle with. Procrastination frequently indicates fear, whether it be fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change. It is your ego self trying to keep you small and trying to stay in control. Procrastination also indicates a resistance to the flow, which will ultimately create discomfort. It is easily rectified by becoming a willing dance partner with the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 24, 2012~

While some of you are experiencing accelerated movement in your lives, others may be thinking not much is happening. This always makes us smile as we realize you can only see one part of the intricate dance that your soul is part of. If you are in movement, embrace it as being the visible part of the flow. If you are in what appears to be a holding pattern, embrace it as simply being the non-visible part of the flow. Know that movement is always, always there and the universe is always conspiring to assist you in the most marvellous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 23, 2012~

Most people have a story or a wound that they allow to define them and to keep them down. Many wave it like a flag for all to see, years after the event. What if you just let that go? What if you started to live like it never happened? What if you decided to free yourself, right now, from that heavy weight once and for all. You can, you see, because you are in charge. Let go of your limiting stories and take all that you pour into being stuck and use it to create a more empowered life expression. That, Dear Ones, is freedom. ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 21, 2012~

Why not start every day with a fresh act of surrender? You could then move about confident in the fact that you are being divinely guided to your highest experiences. Yes, Dear Ones, it really can be that simple. ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 19, 2012~

Many of you feel like you are awakening after a long, long slumber. It is safe to step forward into the light. Dust yourselves off and connect with others. Allow yourself to bask in love. If you don't feel like you have love in your life, go spend some time with animals, small children, nature, or watch a movie that inspires that emotion. It is time to embrace being that vessel that love flows through. ~Archangel Gabriel

~February 17, 2012~

Happiness comes not from external elements but from within. There is a deep contentment that comes from letting go of all attachment and accepting that all is divinely perfect. Whatever your circumstances may be, choosing to see your blessings, practicing gratitude and being secure in the fact that you are always loved and guided are the only elements necessary for a deep and abiding happiness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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