Feb 7th 2012 Teleconference

"Well Good Evening! It is a most delightful time, full of Light, of the Light, in the entire history/herstory of , and you know why, and you know why we're all here gathered. There are many versions of the messages that are coming through right now. More and more of the Light Workers, the Star Seeds in the Human bodies, are re-connecting and finding that they, too, are receiving the messages that come from the Higher Dimensionalities, where everything, everyone is One, where Love is the prevailing , and Joy, and Bliss, and of course, Peace are a part of that great Light, the Light of the Christ.

"And so it is coming through, streaming in more and more, and this is indeed most appropriate, because we understand full well that those of you who are occupying the Human bodies are in a bit of a chaotic time. You are hearing so much, so much is coming out, so much Truth that is actually balancing out all of the lies that have been told for all of these eons of time, but it is not easy to receive when you have not heard this before

"So take a moment to just picture your neighbor, or your worker – your co-worker – your family, perhaps even your partner who says, 'I don't know where you're getting all of this from, but I think you're Looney Tunes!' Because this is what is happening now. You see, as the courage has built in the Hearts, as the Light Workers are standing forth more and more in that courageous Light, and sharing what they know, there is skepticism, there is doubt, there is distrust, because people who are not familiar with all of this are shaking in their foundations, you see.


"Perhaps it is the church that said, 'Well, if you don't pay your money, you're not going get to Heaven!' Or perhaps it is the government which has taken away their homes, and they have no hope, or perhaps it is simply that they keep hearing of senseless, seemingly senseless, and seemingly unrelated acts of violence, whether they be between two or more.


"And then there are the Animals, the Animals such as the Polar Bears, who are diminishing in their numbers; and there is the whole contamination of Planet . Well, we aren't going to go on, but you can see how people have been dumbed down, told lies, and most of all made to believe that there is no hope. And where there is lack of hope, how can there be forward progress, how can there be, 'Alrighty! We'll get together, and we'll take care of this or that!'? How can there be consensus, and how can there be Peace on , which is based in Love, and Respect, and Compassion?


"And so all of these things are tugging at everyone. They are in the very atmosphere. And so you, Beloved Ones, have the capacity, and the capability, and the loving Hearts enough to be Leaders, to be Leaders to the Light, Leaders in the Light, and Leaders sharing the Light! And that truly is what the Ashtar Mission is – well let's just say it's the primary mission of the . It is to help Planet Earth prepare for Ascension, all of Planet Earth, all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!!!


"And it is with that in mind that we have begun the messages through this Voice and others, which are not so heavily based in science, not so much focusing upon history/herstory, but rather bringing into the present moment that which are the very foundations for this preparation. And you have heard us speak this many times. And we call it Love, and Compassion, and Forgiveness, and Gratitude. And we are so joyful! We are so joyful that you are taking this, and paying it forward. And we tell you this, you are planting seeds everywhere, little Beams of Light if you want to see them that way.


"And if you have some who tells you, 'I think you're Looney Tunes,' just smile. Forgive them, which means not to judge them. Just smile and greet them, and greet the Light that shines within them, even though they're not aware that they're shining. They have that Love. So Light it up, and just smile, and say to them, 'I honor you, and your perspective, and your discernment, and I Love you beyond words,' something to that effect.


"You are all so beautiful, and you all have such wondrous ways of putting your words together, be it in writing, or be it in your voices, or be it in your . And you could add that one to your telepathic mailing list, if you wish, and beam them even more Light, even more Love, when you are sending telepathic messages, because as we've told you many times, they get there. And sometimes they get there, what you might call, let's just say, over the radar, because they are travelers, if you will, dimensionally. So you get yourself into that high vibrational state, and you send high vibrational telepathic messages which are there in the of the recipients, not in 3D, but in the higher aspects of them!


"Is that not a joyful picture? You can address whatever you see to address in 3D, and we know there are many, many, many, beings who are reaching out for help of the 3D kind. Just shine your Lovelights on whatever it is. Perhaps you give shelter to someone; perhaps you shovel snow for someone who is unable to do that; perhaps you help out with a monetary donation, or the giving of some food, or however it is that you see to help your neighbors, particularly, your family, your friends, your community, and then the World. It is always to shine that Lovelight upon it.


"Now we understand, time is speeding up. We have discussed this many times, and you know this yourselves. Because, do you not feel as though an hour just doesn't give you the time to accomplish what an hour used to do? It's really more like a half hour, and it's shrinking.


"So if you want to have something in mind to do, try to keep this to be the next item, rather than trying to take a look at the whole list, and say, 'Oh, how am I going to do this or that?' And in every moment find some Joy, if you can, whether you are, humm, scrubbing your floors, or weeding your gardens, or fixing some food, or whatever, find the Joy in it, find the Peace in it, find the Love. 'I am so grateful that I am here to do this!' You see? Gratitude. We are putting all of these things out here in this moment, because we are wanting to assure you that you're all doing this to some degree or other.


"We're just saying these are simple things that you can teach, particularly those of you who have children, or who are grandparents with grandchildren. This is something that you can be teaching to the very young ones. They already know it, and all they need is for you to say, 'Yes, that is what to do; that is how to be -that is Attitude of Gratitude. We are so blessed to be here together,' and all the hugs, kisses, and expressions of Love that go with it. You see, children even though they are more knowing, they have their capabilities to be afraid. And children are looking out at the World, and they're saying, 'What a mess! We're here to clean it up, but right now there is so much happening around me and my World, I am feeling chaotic.'


"They might not say that to you. They might have a temper tantrum. They might refuse to do some simple thing. They must have their fears addressed. And it's kind of like turning the lemon into lemonade. 'It's OK, I understand, but I've got some good news for you. Let's talk about Love. Let's go see a movie, or let's read a story that's all about Love. Let's smile together at the World. Take my hand, and know that I'm with you in your Heart, even when we are not in the same place together.' You see those are the kinds of simple, but yet profound things that the children know how to do, they just need someone to say, 'Let's do it together!' They need understanding, and they need the time, shall we say, as you measure it, to be in connection and Communion, not only within themselves and with their Guidance Teams. They have Angels around them, you know. There is no child who comes without Angels, and as they grow older, others join in their Guidance Teams.


"But it is to help them – not to forget, cover up – don't lie – just tell them, 'I understand. I know. We are creating a brighter, more beautiful World for you, and for me. Let's do it together. Let's join together and work on creating those visions. Let's draw some pictures,' or whatever it is that you can do. If you have a child with whom you are in contact this would be most helpful. And if you have others – those of you who are healers, talk to your clients who come to you. You call them clients. We call them teachers, who come to you to teach you even as you are teaching and healing them. Talk to them. Share this great Joy, this Gratitude that we're all here, you see, all of us together, and teach them to share.


"This is called 'Paying It Forward,' and you all know about Paying It Forward! Light up your Lights, and help someone else to light theirs. Even if you are in your home space all day and all night, never talking with anyone, never seeing anyone else, besides wonderful You when you look in the mirror, send it out telepathically.


"This is a time in the history/herstory of Earth when it is very good to reconnect. If you have a friend with whom you have not spoken for a while, or even a family member. This is a time for healing. Perhaps you parted company on not such happy terms, as you say. Take some of this precious Earth time, pick up your phone, or open your computers, and accompany that healing, that resolution, with your telepathic Heart to Heart, High Consciousness to High Consciousness message, and start creating miracles of healing. You don't have to have taken any classes in healing, or in healing techniques, to do something like that.


"What if there is someone whose politics you do not like? That's a good one. Picture that one, you know the one you've seen on TV that says such silly things that you just simply cannot believe you ever voted for them, and you never would vote for them, or whatever, and send them Love. There are a few of those are there not? Remember when we did our sending Love to Obama and how it filled the Halls of ? Remember that beautiful moment when Obama greeted the one called Gabby? Talk about high vibrational Love! Talk about the Christ Consciousness right there, glowing, and shining, and radiating out for everyone to see, and feel!!


"And that's what we're getting at. You know, we've talked about this before, we've done Exercises. We've got a really big one tonight! It's about the feeling. Sananda* will be here to enhance the feelings when next we gather.* And make no mistake, we're all there. It is simply that Sananda leads, and the entire gathering for the entire length of time as you measure it, is in Communion, is in togetherness, is Love in action, feeling that Love, that energy!!!


"And it is what we shall be doing now, although not for our entire call, and I do thank you for listening to me, because we are in a very forward momentum. Make no mistake. You've heard Masters Tara and Rama. You know that everything is, what you call, coming to a head. How much more build-up there will be, we cannot say precisely to the second, or even to the day on your calendar.


"But just know it's like if you have a mighty river that goes down to the sea, and you start building what you call a dam. That's the 'D-A-M' kind of dam to bottle up the water somehow, to create a lake, or you Humans have a discovered that that is a way to generate . (We'll be helping you with . We already are.) And, so as you build the dam you eventually get to the point where nothing can get through it, but the pressure behind the dam builds up, and there are steps to be taken, and so on. We're not here to give you an engineering lesson.


"But the point of it is, how much pressure can build up before the dam breaks, because these are the waters of Truth that are flowing, and they have been blocked for eons of time. And it's piling up, and piling up, and piling up, and just clamoring to break free, and some of it is. There are leaks in that dam, and quite frankly the dark hats don't have enough fingers to put in those holes. Some of them have tried to put their heads in, and they have not been too happy with the results. They have tried everything. They are absolutely self-destructive in their efforts, some of them are so driven. They will destroy their very selves in order to try to stop that which is the natural flow. The waters of Truth are about to flood the entire Earth, but it's a joyful flood. Just picture the whole Earth as parched and dry, and then you've got it!!


"Oh yes, there are places, there are little pools of water with the Light dancing on them. Think of yourself as a pool of the water of Truth. Is that not delightful? But there are many, many, places, and faces, including some around you, Beloved Ones, which are very dry, very thirsty, for Truth. And oh yes, it's coming! There is nothing that is going to hold it back, absolutely nothing!


"You see, along the way we have made progress, have we not? We have progressed together. It's like you take a step forward, we can take a step closer to you, every step that you take forward, or let's say up, is a step in the way on the path of progress. Yes, it is towards your Ascension, which is the main focus, the primary focus of everything else that is happening here on Planet Earth, everything that we are bringing to Planet Earth, everything that you are contributing. But, it is what you call, ah yes, in military terms – well, I guess I should know a few of those, shouldn't I – in military terms it is called a 'joint operation,' and the more your Consciousness raises, and the more you give us permission to, what you call, intervene, which merely means to join with you, the more we are able to do so in every aspect of this Ascension Preparation. So when we tell you it's imminent, it is!


"We – in the , as representatives of the -the Ashtar Command, anticipated that the dark hats would keep their word when they signed the contracts, and said they'd get off the stage at the turn of the century, but they didn't do it. They broke their word, they broke their contracts, and they've done it time and time again. But because you have persevered, because you have said during the Harmonic Convergence that this time you wanted to make it as a Planet, and not blow yourselves up again – which was getting kind of repetitious to be very honest – we stepped in a little bit, because you gave us permission to join you to a certain extent.


"Then you continued your progress, so we've been able to come and meet you, even more, even more, even more, to the point where now we are in partnership. There are things going on that are just absolutely so fabulous, healing kinds of things for Planet Earth, clean up. There are beings, who even as little as, what you call – you have these months – alrighty, let's pick a number, let's say six months ago, were really closed up, and very resistant to change. And because we have been working together, and because people are starting to understand that all of these changes are going on, including within themselves, the forward progress, or upward progress of Planet Earth, is just going at warp speed!!! People who six months ago were so closed up, you would never call them a Light Worker. Oh yes, you could be in honoring of the little Light that burned in their hearts, but they weren't sharing it. They were pretty closed down. And now they're wide open, and sharing, and caring!


"And maybe they don't know everything there is to know about the history/herstory of Planet Earth, maybe they don't know about Quantum Physics, but what they're doing is reaching out in some manner, paying something forward, a helping hand raking leaves, or giving food, or whatever it is, it matters not. It's that compassionate caring, that sharing of time and energy. It doesn't even have to be related to money – dollars you know – just caring. And as a Heart opens, and the Light comes pouring in, the Heart just keeps opening more and more!!!


"You get on that path. Oh sometimes people lock up in fear. 'Oh, I've gone too far, my family thinks I am nutty,' and so on, and so on. And so they will have a downward spiral, but for the most part, the way this works – and you can call this Quantum Physics if you want – is that as people open up their hearts, they expand their Light. They take in more Light, and they expand their radiance, and that has been happening so much on Planet Earth!


"And it is not that we see very much longer as we've said, and we've always said this or at least in the most recent times. We can't give you exact dates, but it is imminent, it is very soon. The pressures are building up, and that dam is ready to burst wide open, and when it does, just enjoy, enjoy bathing in the waters of Truth. Yes, those who have been in such high resistance as to try and stop this, they're right there trying to hold that dam together, so they're going to be right in the path when it breaks, yes? They're going to get swept away. That's how it is – that's their choice. They could step off to the side and stop being in resistance and some of them have, and more of them will, we promise you that. But you know the really big names that you keep hearing – they're going to swept out of the picture. They will be given every opportunity to come to the Light, perhaps now, or perhaps they'll have to have a big, gigantic time-out, but we will do everything that we can to give Love them, because we love them anyway.


"That is the only feeling we can have for them, after all, and to show them the Love and the Compassion, and we ask that you do the same. Simply because in so doing, you move further – each of you on your individual paths, and you assist Planet Earth in coming to Peace, and coming to the Freedom that the Light offers, and the Joy when everyone is free and released from all the dogmas, all of the boxes, and all of the programs, which have enslaved them to such a high degree – that Earth got into, shall we say, the low vibrational mess, or however you want to see it, that it is now ascending up and out of!!!


"So we thank you so much! We have been in this time reinforcing the teachings of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, and we are telling you, it is most important that you shine your Lights. And if someone even looks like they might have a question about what is going on, know that you are safe, know that you are protected, know that you know the Truth, and it is most wondrous indeed if you will share your wisdom!


"You don't have to spill it all out at once, but perhaps just a kind word. 'I understand how you feel, there are changes going on. I am undergoing changes too. Let's talk.' You see, you're not alone, we're always with you. And if you are at a loss for words, remember telepathic messaging of the feelings of Love. And remember, too, that as a part of our mission, we are here with you to help you find words, if you are looking for them. So ask, because we're always here, and we love you beyond words, and we honor you, and we appreciate you for all that you have been through, and for all the wonderful, wondrous, loving thoughts, words, and deeds that you are radiating forth in this moment!


"And we promise you this, Beloved Ones, if you have set your Consciousness, your conscious, intention to ascend, so you shall, because that is all that you need to do. And if you will just remember that you are Love, and that's all you are, and if you will be the Love, and be the Light of Love, that is how you bring yourself along your path, and shine forth for others to follow!

"So, we have a wondrous ** coming. She really needs no introduction. And so I say to you, thank you so much for being with us, and stay tuned! Salut!"


* Sananda's Living In Your Divinity Teleconference, February 14th *

** Sekhmet (transcript to be published later)


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