15 February 2012


I am one you have known as Aramda of the Galactic of Light and I am pleased and honored to be able to speak with you, the Light Workers at this time, to help you understand how deeply we appreciate all you have done and the great sacrifices you have made. For it seems to you, that we are the higher ones and we are not. We look to you, for the changes you have brought to this planet are unfathomable in many ways. Many of those things you have been listening to and reading from many different sources about the coming changes to the world are certainly true and there will be many changes, but what I wish to speak with you about is not so much what is in the future, but what has been in the past and the connection we have had previously.

Understand that a long time ago here on this planet, and there is that which is many times previous to this planet, but we are focusing only on this time here on this planet and when we found ourselves together. Many who will be reading this and listening to this now were there and a part of the expression of man at that time in what has been called Lemurian times. It was indeed a wonderful time, a wondrous time beyond your current imaginings. At that time there were those changes that were coming even as today there are many changes coming. However, those changes coming then long ago were of a darker nature in terms of moving into the dark ages from what was essentially a time of great light and now you find yourselves on the threshold of moving out of the darkness and back into the light. At that time there were many of us that had choices to make and we made those choices. Some of us chose to leave and move up into the ships that were awaiting us, just as like now when you will have those choices to make again. When the time comes, you will choose to either go up into the ships, or remain. But at that time, I and many others chose to leave in the ships, but you who are reading these words, most of you chose to stay and be a part of this evolution of man giving up much of what you had known, knowing that you would be forgetting and that the times would come when you would literally be forgetting even who you are. You knew you would feel that separation from all that you had known. Can you imagine dear ones the tremendous strife that you endured knowing that would occur? But yet you persevered and said “I will remain and see this through and continue my mission,” knowing that the days were short and soon the waters and great earth quakes would be coming and all you knew of your great motherland would be washed away. And here you are today doing exactly that, completing your mission, following through on those promises you made so long ago and finding yourselves once again ready to raise the of mankind by first raising your own and bringing the ascension process into yourself and knowing that process within yourself. Knowing and believing who you are and coming once again to that great threshold and about to step through.

We commend you for all that you have been through and we are longingly awaiting the time when we can once again reunite with you and feel you once again in our embrace and for you to know again the brotherhood we all share.
As Sananda said, we await the celebration and it will be grand indeed. May all the peace and love of the Christ Consciousness be with each of you as you continue on in this journey knowing you are nearing the end and the completion of this phase. I am Aramda