22 February 2012

Channeler: Sylph

So this is my first foray into channeling in a while. Im a wee bit rusty but I spose the message came through allright 😀

Love you all

Greetings! We come to address the various issues and experiences that are currently enveloping both yourselves as individuals and the world within which you reside! We are of the – however we are not an . You could look at us as a group projecting a beam of into a localized portion of the space time experiential matrix – no, not everything we say will be that technical. As a matter of fact, it would be easier to say that we, the ones sending this message, are a close knit group of friends who exist in a bubble of coherency. Through the process of – agreeing with one another – we can send energy in a coherent manner into the lower dimensions. We have many names, many personalities and our own unique views and customs, however, that is not what we wish to address. Later on, we can describe how we work and what we are like, but you, as human beings local to the planet earth – or Gaia, or , or a multitude of other names.

As we begin to describe what we function like, you will probably find that you are already experiencing similar patterns within your own lives. Indeed, everything that we are is a reflection of what you are, perhaps an octave higher. This does not mean we are your superiors, we have just existed at certain vibratory frequencies for longer than many of you at this present time. We are your siblings from the stars, perhaps, in some cases older, but in no way superior. Indeed, we tip our hats (our multidimensional hats, wink wink) to you! You are the bravest of the brave, the most noble of the noble for having the wherewithal to move into such dense energy fields. You are both participants in a cosmic play, drama, movie, whichever words you wish to use for it, that has spanned for eons. The play itself is not just local to your planet, it stretches into the farthest reaches of the universe.

However, for many of you, all that is perceptible is your immediate surroundings. This is not a bad thing, this is not wrong, this is not a curse. Indeed, it is a blessing amongst blessings and when you find yourselves on the other side of the veil ( we don’t wish to spoil anything and tell you how that is going to happen… mostly because we don’t entirely know ourselves) you will find yourselves being most appreciative of the chaotic, painful and exhilarating journey you made through the lower dimensions. Hoorah!

The reconfiguration of your planet, your consciousness and the fabric of reality in which you reside is a most exciting process. We are many and we have gathered to observe the changes taking place. We are most happy to assist you when the time is right, and indeed that time may be coming very soon. Unlike many of our family, we do not wish to fill you in on all of the nitty gritties that re going on behind the scenes. Instead, we would like to focus upon individual consciousness, and how a within the one becomes a within the all! As a singular entity, you do not tilt the scales of your species very much – but as groups you form a group consciousness that has much more power behind it than any individual could muster up. Love is key, but we feel that many of you have the whole love thing pretty "down" to speak it in your tongue. It brings us much joy that so many of you have found how to open your hearts and utilize the energy within.

In the days to come, the that you have felt ever increasing will, well, continue to increase. This is not a bad thing. This is not a good thing either. What this is, is an opportunity. The comes naturally and how you react to it determines whether or not it will be "bad" or "good" – thus is your universally gifted superpower. Ride the waves and continue to do so as best you can whilst always working on yourselves and growing and a world beyond your wildest dreams will magically manifest before your very eyes. And it will be entirely you and your group minds creation.

We wish to address that you and your nearby peers are not the only ones working to enact such changes. While we have stated that we do not wish to bring the esoteric conspiracy drama chess games that are taking place on your planet into this conversation, we would like to say that the consciousness shift is not just within you and your close ones, or not even just on those on "the bottom of the pyramid" so to speak, but at all levels and all places. The universe is a singular consciousness and it is vastly more intelligent than the individual. While you have the free will to act in any which way you choose to, the synchronicities that lead you to connect to others and to experience certain events are themselves intelligent and alive. One could say that synchronicity is evolving.

As you evolve, synchronicity evolves and thusly plugs you ever deeper into the multidimensional framework that is being created to hold your species together. It could be as to say, in metaphor, that as the stress upon your increases so too does the glue that holds it together. This glue is not your money, it is not your supply chains, it is not your food sources, it is your interconnectedness and love for each other. We do see elements of fear being projected in these ever increasing times of chaos regarding the imminent collapse of your – what we wish to say about that is that following every collapse, if synchronicity is being followed, comes a greater state of coherency. All of the turmoil and chaos you see in your is very real – yet it is not as dangerous as it is made out to be. Many will scoff at these words, for how can the masses of humanity survive when the food supplies collapse upon themselves? What we say to you is that miracles happen and as consciousness rises, so too do things evolve in a very rapid manner. While there is not much of a "logical" answer – and do note the quotation marks around logical – what is happening on an interdimensional level is that change is being created, and the reaction to the change dictates everything that happens. While it may seem as if the fundamental pieces that keep your society intact are falling away, we would say that those pieces never fit from the very beginning, so the greater human and planetary consciousness is throwing them back into the pile of pieces and putting in the new ones that do fit.

yes, there will be moments in between the true puzzle piece being placed into the puzzle and the false one being taken out – an energetic void if you will – but, as we see it, you have demonstrated that as a species you have become highly evolved and are very able to adapt to change.

Know too that if you wish to see the changes that are taking place in a positive manner, all you must do is open your eyes and shy away from the news sources that are instilling a sense of fear into you. While many of the fear based news is, indeed, true, and is, indeed, very scary, know that the universe, synchronicity and thus your species, has a knack of throwing things away that it doesn’t need (Just look at your landfills, for instance – we say that in jest, of course, but now your species has evolved to a point in which it can deal with it's incoherencies in a way similar to the way it deals with "useless junk")

Everything that is based off of fear will fall by the wayside… And there will be one heck of a ride while experiencing it happen.

One suggestion we have to you is this, at this moment – try and imagine as hard as you can exactly what *could* take place. It will bring it further into reality. Of course your 3rd dimensional world will change – and rapidly, because of a bleed through effect from the higher dimensions into the lower. We will say more about this at a later time. The *coulds*, *maybes* and *what ifs* get you thinking on a creative level. Try and comprehend, if you will, exactly what happens to your individual consciousness as it moves into the higher dimensions. Be imaginative. There is no end to the possibilities. There is no linearity. Just because it is imagined so does not make it so, but think of it as an exercise that will assist you, greatly, in moving into the higher realms. Just as your body can run further, move faster and exert itself more through the process of exercise, so too can you delve deeper into multidimensionality as you try and process exactly how it will take place. What is it? How does it work? How in the heavens to multiple layers of reality interplay with one another in a way that is both perceptible and imperceptible and … hah! Our channel is having a hard time putting the energy being sent into it into words. Keep exercising! We say this with love, it is like watching a child learn how to walk.

You are taking your baby steps. It will not be long until you are running around and stirring up all kinds of trouble, just like a two year old. Babies develop fast. You will be walking soon. Then you will be running. Then you will be jumping. And it does not end there, you will shortly thereafter be climbing and performing feats of miraculous acrobatics – we are on the edges of our seats waiting for the day to come that you jump into the air and perform seven back flips before touching back down to the ground. Oh my, the excitement.

All of that was, of course, a metaphor – though if you wish to do a seven rotation back flip in your physical form at the present, by all means go for it. Practice makes perfect. We also recommend a soft, padded floor.

Speaking of padded floors and going back to the amount of trouble that young ones tend to find themselves playing around in, we will say that we, as your elder brothers and sisters, are here to make sure you don't, metaphorically, stick your fingers in electrical outlets. However if you wish to try, we will not impede on your free will, and we will smile in love as you recoil from the zap. We are smiling as we say this.

Now it seems we have milked this toddler metaphor for all that it is worth (and it has been a fun one to play with) we feel it is time to end this transmission. Ho-ho- the channel is starting to feel incoherency creep up because of the good old, "Am I really channeling" thought patterns. Oh, those silly thought patterns. We now take our leave.

We leave you now with our love and wish to ensure you that your own light of truth, the candle of your hearts and minds, will light the way through these chaotic times. Until we meet you again, we smile at you lovingly from the stars.