Message from Ascended Master Rakoczy
Channeled by:
February 09, 2012

Blessings of ! How wonderfully pleasing it is to speak to you once again.

Many dear children feel they require words of wisdom from masters such as myself, or from wise people they come to know when in fact they are their own wise one. The truth dear children is that you are filled with incredible knowledge. I encourage you to seek the same answers you ask for from the guides, angels and masters from looking within yourself. There is where you will find all your answers. We of the Divine can make suggestions, we can guide you; it is you that must make the ultimate choice of what to do with what you are guided to. And I ask of you before you choose anything to think with your and choose with what agrees with you the most or what resonates.

I understand how hard this can be for many who struggle and are still trying to find their true selves. Take your time lovely children; there is never a rush. Enjoy your journey, stop fretting and breathe. Breathe in the Light and Love that God is providing you. Believe with your heart and soul that God loves you no matter where you are on your spiritual quest of self-discovery. You will reach your destination, all of you will when you are ready. There are lessons; there is knowledge and growth to be made in all areas. You will move through each and every one with the Grace of God because God lives through you. And through this Divine Love you are able to see the kindness that lives inside your own heart that you instantly share with others. Let God’s Love guide you, let God be your Divine Teacher, friend and Father. Open your precious hearts to God and feel your quiver with joy as He enlightens you with His presence and fills your with His radiant love, washing away any fears or doubts you may have.

God is the truth dear children that will bring you out of any darkness. He will help you find your truth as you grow and discover much about you is already God-like. Your way dear children is to activate your soul through the power that is within your heart with the Love of God working within you and throughout every pore. Every step on your journey, even the hard ones is bringing you closer to restoring the truth of yourself, and finding the real, true peace you are looking to achieve. Don’t feel discouraged when you learn of another journeyer that seems to be doing more than yourself. Stop comparing and see the goodness that you have, see what you are able to do. Each of you has unique attributes and none are better than the other. You only need to take off the harsh self-judgments and see yourself as the beautiful soul you are. It is your Ego that has you comparing dear ones; give your Ego a time out and reacquaint yourself with the pure loving nature of your unconditional heart. First thing dear children is to accept yourself without criticism. It is your own criticism that does so much harm. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Start learning positive adjectives or words that describe you. Use I AM affirmations, discover a way to talk good talk about yourself and to yourself. Be kind to YOU.

Slowly, but moving upwards is the change towards acceptance of all peoples of Earth regardless of sex, culture, creed or financial security or lack of. The positive movements and declarations are finally beginning to have an affect. There have been some dire consequences for some of these brave souls but they knew of the risks before they began their mission. Heroes surround you daily, in every community. In your home there are heroes. Look at yourself, look at all you have done and sacrificed for your family. Heroism isn’t just for those folks that wear badges or wear immaculate uniforms; heroes can be anyone who gives of themselves selflessly for the benefit of good and a better tomorrow. Each mother that has sat at their child’s bedside while they were ill is a . Every father who rose to get up to quiet a frightened son or daughter is a . Every big brother or sister who has stood up for the other is a . Heroes are among you, and they are also you.

If you do not see the truthfulness of my words, that is only because you are not ready to see what I see. Oh lovely children, I love you for every effort you have made so far that has carried you such a long way. From the information you have been gathering and storing you will discover the importance of maintaining an equal balance in all areas of your life, not only your spiritual development. Your guides will guide you, but it is you dear children that will learn what it is that may be closed within you or weakened. Careful inner observation from physical body symptoms will indicate to you what is out of sync. Regardless if you are communicating with people that are part of your spiritual circle or your personal friends and family, you will discover some people carry negative baggage and frequencies. Oftentimes this can attach itself to you without either one realizing what has happened. I will help you learn how to cut your cords and to transmute negativity from your auric field. There is a world of information waiting for you to discover and all of it is to help enhance what is already stored inside of you.

From accessing your inner-wisdom you will discover and become aware of your part in the Divine Plan. You are in your own time becoming what you were truly meant to be. You will realize with loving guidance all that you seek and the knowledge you need is inside of you. I speak with confidence, only because I know. And I also know you will strive to succeed during every lesson that you meet. Inside of you is a child determined to rise and rise you will. Find patience, learn to love yourself, and begin your day with Hope. Hope to learn new things, discover new ways of thinking or doing. The potential is limitless as is your own Inner-Power.

I AM Ascended Master Rakoczy through Julie Miller