26 February 2012

Channeler: El Anora

Dear ones, God bless you in your becoming,
I am Christ Lord Maitreya, and I am the Mahachohan of the 18th of light, as well as the Grounding of the 12th ray in the previous ascension time, and I am here for you now, it is important, in that I am present with you now, in this time, when you are present most, in who you are.
Graciousness: Shall be our topic for today. What does it mean to be gracious? In ? It means to be grate-filled, in all moments, for the times when things are not aright, and when the times are a-light, it is to be great-filled, and happy, even in those moments that may seem trying.
It is difficult, at times, in the ascension process, to emerge present as you, to be present in you, to be proud of you, but you are the Heart of your own Consciousness, and Consciousness, is the of your intention.
Be great-filled, in that attention, and allow, allow, all things to emerge as they would, in their own process, and it is all a process, even this moment now, is a process.
is by accident.

We grow through change, and change is part of the growing process, what you see as negative now, may seem like a gift later, it can if you so choose, if you are willing.
For the process, is not always easy, and there are times when it may seem painful, sometimes you will be unclear, thrown off-balance, and at those times, it is most important for you to look within for your own creative potential.
Allow that creative potential to shine, dear Hearts, and allow the process to unfold within you, for this process is the natural out-flowing and out-pouring of God-consciousness, directly from the , and who is the in this process, you. The I AM, that is present and is in you, and in all things that you Create. So, the question becomes: What are you creating?
Look forward to your manifestations, and then also look to your past, essentially you would say: I do not wish to re-create the mistakes of my past, now look forward, and ask your Self, the Higher Aspect of your Being, what is this that I am Creating that sits before me?
What is this Creation that I have projected now into my own Reality?
Does it serve me?
The answers to these questions may sound simple, and for some, it may be an easy YES, but for others, they may sit puzzled, wondering, why they are re-creating, especially now, the same events that have unfolded in the past, and why this re-creation is coming to play yet again within their conscious being.
That is when it is important, of utmost importance, to re-examine. What is this that you are re-examining, and this goes back to your actions. What have your actions been lately? Have you Loved more than you have lost? Have you counted your blessings, instead of your curses, yes dear Hearts, I use the word Curse, because it is most important now that you hear this word, and I never use words lightly, there is nothing in your Life present, that has ever been, nor shall ever be, a curse, your perspective has allowed you to view it as such, but in the present state of consciousness, I would like to transmute that word to something more ellegiable, and that is Consciousness, do you understand dear Hearts, the word I have changed this to: Consciousness.
If you are Conscious, which means that you are Present, in your Actions, rather than be the Result of your Actions, and in each moment, to be Action-able, for those consequences, then it is a Divine Creation you have brought forward from your Self, your Higher Aspect, rather than a Divine Re-Creation, of past events.
You have the ability to choose: And that is there-in where this new Consciousness shall emerge. That is there-in, where this new ability shall emerge, that you are A-Conscious-Able, to be A-Conscious-Able, to each other at all times, to be completely present in your actions.
A simply phrase to use is, “Stop, be still, am I willing to receive, what I am now giving?” That is a great way to know, deep in your Heart space, whether what is being sent out by you, is able to be received to you, for what you send out, shall come back, in your space, for energy is cyclical.
We need not create more Karma.
We would rather, you create Dharma.
And that means Right Action, and that always comes from Consciousness, and to be Conscious, and fully present, in who you are: Right action.
A very simple Buddhist principle, a very foundational principle, and yet, even in 2012, we re-visit the basics, for in some ways, you have not learned, but are consistent, that you should re-learn.
Until, and I say this, in a way, that will be both persistent, yet, compassionate, you have decided that to abandon your Light-Teachings, for grander Light-Teachings, would mean your failure.
Step into your I AM Presence.
Until you have stepped there, you cannot step further past the 12th ray, for that is the ray, of the Birthing, of that which is I AM, and only from that Consciousness, can you step into Reality. The Reality, that is 5 dimensions, Complete, and Beyond.
I am Christ Lord Maitreya,
The World .