by Ari on February 6, 2012 at 10:30pm
Dearest Ari,The reason that many may react negatively to pure,unadorned facts and Spiritual Truth is because it is very impersonal and neutral.

There is no astral glamour to entice, enchant and hook into. Rather a direct, no nonsense transmission is conveyed that usually contains an appeal for the assuming of personal responsibility for ones mental and emotional management and discipline. There are no warm fuzzes to tickle the ears with what pleases the human lower nature, or new age wishful thinking — just facts. There is no ego stroking, no personal references with reference to the receiver, and no adversarial stances against anyone or anything, EVER!
The true Ultra terrestrials of the genuine always come from a position of universal brother and sisterhood and loving goodwill towards all beings. Those of Earth are recognized and understood to be simply younger brothers and sisters who have yet to learn the same lessons that all cosmic civilizations have also had to learn– that all must learn. There are many planetary civilizations that have since learned to live in total loving harmony, sharing and peace thousands and even millions of years ago.

That is why genuine Masters and Ultra terrestrials do not speak ill of anyone; they never criticize, single out and demonize any world government or leader, regime, religion or political system.
Nor do they ever plot the over throwing and fall of any world government, political, religious, financial or other established system of any world.
They will never violate any Planetary civilization’s right to freely live and govern itself as it chooses .If those choices do not pose to the greater solar system, then a planet is allowed to do as it likes–even to the extent that it destroys itself– as has happened many times in the past galactic history.
All life is understood to be eternal and all Souls immortal. Outer forms are always temporary and always undergo change and adaptation as the inner Consciousness that the forms host unfolds into greater levels of manifestation.
Prudent warning and Spiritual counsel is continually offered by the Higher Forces of Light. including the . Both governments and individuals are personally contacted by delegated emissaries that are physically sent to make contact. These delegated emissaries, address the dangers that are foreseen if certain directions are not altered–but in the end each planetary civilization decides it’s own fate.
The Spiritual Laws and protocols of all advanced Beings are harmlessness, and non violence in thought , word, speech, or deed.
Advanced beings will sacrifice their own lives rather than to intentionally inflict harm upon another of God’s children.
They would likewise never communicate in a manner that would support any expression that would violate any individual’s free will, or that would in any way demean, discredit, harm, malign, disrespect, slander, or foster division, separation, personal grievance, or lend support to gossip and hearsay. Those are solely the characteristics of the lower false self or ego-mind.
This is where you can observe the line drawn in the sand between transmissions from those who are in correct Spiritual alignment with their true Divine nature, and those who are operating from the personal-ego and sub -conscious mind.
Love and blessings,
Cmdr. Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena Sheran
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