Blessings, I am Sarah.
All is well, all is well, all is well.
Things are coming into , much is being left behind.
The old is starting to look exactly that, and not feel so much as what is familiar being left behind.
Now you are starting to see, 'yes, that belongs in the past, and not here in the now, with me'
It is not so much anymore, that you are feeling that your appendages have been taken away, like your legs have been cut away from underneath you.
Instead you are seeing, 'yes, this is me, in my new . I see it now, this is me. I think it suits me!'

Of course, you will still have days where you long for the past, and the old worn comfortable and familiar ways that you have known for so long (like longing for an old pair of comfortable slippers)
But all of the ways are new now. There is no more hanging with the past to be done now. That choice has been taken away now. You have to find the new ways of being. Those of you who are still trying to stay with what you have known, will just keep coming up against a brick wall. You cannot find a way through that way. The old ways serve you no more. Their matrices do not even exist anymore! They cannot .
The changeover has occurred. You are all coming on-line now to the of the New of Aquarius. There is nothing else to be done, but to simply 'tune-in' and allow the new to occur!
And for those of you who feel somehow you are not yet on-line – you may wonder, 'what do I need to do then?'
Really, very little.
The for of Aquarius are the which are surrounding you now here on the earth.
You are in physical form.
The old lines of energy are going off-line one by one, one by one, one by one.
You cannot help but live through these energy fields, any more than you can help breathe the air which is around you.
Also, your intent is everything.
To help smooth the process, have the intent to connect yourself to the new ways of being, to these new energy matrices of the New Age of Aquarius, and it shall be so. Often this process will precipitate a time of adjustment, and it will feel strange and unfamiliar for a time, just as it does when you start anything new.
There will be teething problems and difficulties, but then after a time and one day you will realize that it has all become comfortable and familiar again, and that actually the new ways are working for you much better than the old, except that you had to go through that time of adjustment and change, where you stayed with your conviction that all of the changes, difficult though they might seem, were for your highest good, and so it was.
Right now, the only way is forward, energetically speaking, you are driving down a one way street, and the flow will only take you that way.
You cannot go back, because it is no longer there.
All is well, all is well, all is well.
This is the time of change, and I am an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius. I can assist you with all of these processes. Call on me, I am there for you. Simply look at the picture of me, and ask for my help, guidance, intervention. I am here for you. All is well, all is well, all is well. If you wish to connect to your inner light, focus upon the flame that I hold. Call on me, I am here.
I am Sarah.
Blessings are upon us, each and every day of our lives.


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