13 February 2012

This channelled message comes with much love from The Crystal Team through Lindsay

"As we progress into the year of 2012 we wish to bring you notice and awareness of future possibilities. We have seen many changes and preparations coming before this time and now the time frame moves into the new era as it has been called. Massive changes in energies are being experienced on many levels throughout many dimensions and all are creating wondrous energies that light up the skies, that bring life and love to your beautiful planet. In spreading out these joyous beautiful harmonious ripples, they create lightness and brightness and clarity and gladness on many levels. Throughout your world the light is spreading and so people cannot but be affected by it.
As the financial situation becomes more complex, people need an alternative view of the world, an ordered view, an acceptable view of what can happen, a balanced harmonious, more equal, valued view with different priorities, different values and different purposes.

When material gain is not the most important priority,then what will people look for as a purpose, what will guide their everyday life? The glorious energies, harmonics, sounds, ripples, vibrations and frequencies are being absorbed, integrated and understood by people on an unconscious level.
The reaction to the riots was a testament to all of this. The riots showed the of those undirected energies, how quickly they can come together in a spontaneous, combustive way and yet after the calmness created by help from many directions, people came forward to say – we have a ,a greater direction. This is how to come together for good, to join as local commnunities spontaneously, to work together for the good of all with no personal gain.

Can you see the repeating threads of patterns with the Atlantean energies? Can you feel the ground swell of "goodness" in people coming through all manner of ways that these energies are building and spreading so easily and joyously? The stars, the planets, the Solar System, the galaxies, the energy essences of all beings and beyond are lighting up and shining ans are full of joy at the spreading light that glows from all these events.
There will be more and more of these events and happenings and gradually people will begin to see another underlying purpose, another way of being that is better, that is not based on false needs, that is not based on fear or ego. The spirit of the energies is unmistakable in the core of people; for it has always been there, it will always be there for we are all part of the gloriousness of God, the God of love, of benevolence, of delight and forgiveness, the provider of all our experiences, the provider of all that is.

So naturally, we carry that core inside our cells, inside our cellular structure, inside our crystalline grid, our DNA, our very soul.
As the energies blend, integrate, mix and awaken that link to our very essence, so spontaneously people's actions, thoughts, intentions, purpose, motivation – call it what you will – will naturally change to compatible energies of the God Head, the fount of life, the Great Presence, the Great Spirit for all will start and come together as one, all will unite, all aspects will awaken and attune together.

The crystals hold so much knowledge and wisdom, stories and history and those story keepers, those time keepers are now starting to release those powerful energies to provide further emphasis and support and backing/background (the words are not the best we can use but the only ones you have).
This wonderful out-pouring of knowledge, wisdom, history, intention,love, respect, honour, will guide, support and enhance all that is going on in your world and beyond.
Those who struggle who do not wish to relinquish their false glamour will find the coming year more problematic as they cling to energies that are changing outside of their control.
Countries also will find it difficult to resist the magnificent spread of light, of the lighter more joyful energies and so will be affected by it.
This is why so many of you have chosen to be alive and experience this at this time, for it is such an opportunity, such a special time to witness the magnificence, to benefit from this exponential time on Earth.
All is well, all will be well and so our love to you all."

This is one of many inspiring and empowering channelled messages from The Crystal Team