February 23, 2012

JKM 2-23-12 's Perfect Alchemical Force Utilizing the Power of the Cosmos and the Dynamics of Quantum for Gaia
Judith at the hospital in Denver at 6:30 am MST and Sean at Stephen's in Kelowna

The aspect of consciousness is placed in an orchestration of Divine Alchemy that is truly a blueprint.

There are specific frequencies generated from the harmonic heart light resonance of each individual on a soul link now. Sufficient number of humans have awakened the sensitivity of their conscious capacity to communicate beyond the linear reality. Each individual, who communicated through the harmonic of holograhic light harmonics, through the holographic heart, light and and sound harmonics, enhance the capacity for the collective to resonate with a constant field of energy that is the pure vibration of love.

Each of the individuals, who are awakening as the veil lifts, are placed according to their own Divine pattern in the Global dynamics, exactly where they need to be. Every experience is synchronized, the location, the experience, the energy that is confronted and interacted with, it is all in a perfect order of a greater dynamic that is the Ascension Dynamic of the planet. The best way to understand this is, a wise gardener plants different plants close to each other in different parts of the garden where the soil offers availability of nutrients and energy and the plants next to each other sometimes support the life force of others. While other plants don`t do well next to each other.

But this garden, this essential garden is global and every single individual who has awakened to the higher vibration, Creator, the Great Gardener, has placed in an alchemical configuration on the world grid. Each individual has a specific astrological-astronomical configuration. As they open their frequencies of light and sound harmonics, they are super conductive energy fields for the specific cosmic alchemy that you may consider to be the for the garden of Eden, from the cosmos.

There are millions of souls like this on the planet right now. Knowing the exact figure is not essential. What is essential is to know that there is a blueprint in place now and that each agent of change acts and interacts with the field of Divine alchemy that is generated from the catalytic forces in the nature of consciousness and the shift of the reality on the planet.

It is understood that the heart is THE central frequency that orchestrates

this dynamic.

Each human on the planet has a role to play and has agreed to incarnate, to play that role specifically, whether it is adversarial or if it is as agents of powerful forces of change. Each human has the capacity to trigger . It is not realistic to think that whatever happened on the planet in the past in history is relevant to what is happening right now. There is no relevance in the history of humanity that can adequately facilitate a deeper understandingn or a comprehension of the alchemical force at work on the planet. It is an interaction, inner reaction, with the cataclymistic elemental forces on the planet. This, too, is orchetrated on such a high plane that there is absolutely not one accident or incident on the planet that isn`t orchestrated at this time. And all of the forces, for example, the coming of the these great solar winds and it actually manifesting in , is important because that wind moved dynamic electro magnetic fields through chaos patterns that shifted the flow of energy and was absolutely necessary for the clearing of energy fields and the re ordering of the electro magnetic fields because the planet is experiencing extreme electro magnetic energies right now.

But the alchemical agent of consciousness and co operation through the elemental forces and the human dynamic is orchestrated in such a powerful fine tuned system right now, that it is all utilized and it is all useful and it is all purposeful. Everything is purposeful.

The telekinesis and telesynthesis of psychic fields right now opened access to conscious communication between individuals and this collective dynamic and therefore there is an opportunity to commune and communicate effectively as alchemists and without . It cannot be with predestined . That in some cases, people say, well, I can manifest things now. I can decide what I need and I can make that happen. That is not purposeful. It may be an exercise. It may teach you something but it isn't purposeful, at this point. Deciding what you want and using your energy to get what you want only teaches you that you have energy that can have effect. But the ultimate affect is when you tap into the dynamics of the collective God force and allow this orchestration, this blueprint for ascension to organized itself in your field and without judgment or but with discernment, observation and keen intuition. The keen intuition is important because every you have the opportunity to tune into a higher intelligence and a greater force of consciousness on this planet, every there is an opening. Every there is an opening that you may see or miss.

Everyone who is awakening now is in Olymptic training to be sensitive to the moment, be sensitive to the opportunity and, at that moment of sensitivity, the electro magnetic fields of consciousness open, there is a great activation of that force which is the alchemy. It is the yeast and the leavening agent of the bread, the bread of life for , the Bread of Life for the New Humanity. This is the alchemy and it was brought into a level of manifestation through the ascension process of Christ, through Yeshua Yahweh and Magdala I AM. That alchemy was brought into the planet that seeded and now it comes to fruition and that is the power of the vine. It is the NOW when that alchemical agent bursts forth like a vine from those seeds that are the reckoniong of the power of Creation NOW, in each individual. Be that a person who understands the dynamics, the consciousness or a person who is just responding in their heart to another human being. Every agent is a powerful force of alchemy.

The secret to all of it, is connect everything you see, feel and experience everything through your heart. You have been running from your emotions. You've blocked yourself from the sensitivity. In trying to decide what is going happen. I need to decide what I have to do. The moment you start struggling mentally, you shut those forces down. The moment you open to the alchemy of it and simply let your light flow, as you have been taught, you engage with those alchemical forces. But it is here and now, in this zero point energy with the cosmic alignment. This is the zero point field with the cosmic alignment to Galactic Source and an energy that has never been experienced on the planet and you are here to experience it, you are here to witness it and every human being on the planet is an alchemical agent of this transformation.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

I am in downtown Denver in the midst of the power center for the NWO and within just a few blocks, the capital and the matrix that was put in place. So the very fact that I brought this transmission in here and now and in this place, at this moment. All the schools are closed and everything has slowed down because of the huge storm. They said last night that the winds were so ferious that trees were falling and dumpsters were being blown over. There was a huge wind here in Denver. I am in that central system of the NWO energetically. I am in the NWO grid to channel this. That is important.

Seeing through the Eyes of triggers the Galactic Cosmic and Earth Creation Forces to activate the forces of Alchemy in place at this time on the planet. is the key to opening the treasures of the alchemy of Creation. This was demonstrated by the women at the crucifixion who saw Jesus through the eyes of , wept for him and then took action, on his behalf, to anoint him with their tears.

The power of the feminine paradigm has awakened now. This is the alchemical forces of the Great Mother of Compassion. As has been spoken, every moment is an opportunity to engage in the sensitivity that is necessary to co create with this powerful force of alchemy at the highest plane of consciousness, that is at work on the planet now. Limitless compassion, in all situations, avails the individual to the optimum capacity for the God Force to work through that individual and for the energy of extreme, extreme electro magnetic fields to find form of consciousness rather than chaos and devastation. But even when those powerful energies on the planet find form of chaos and demonstrate the power of anger, the power of hatred, the power of fear, those elements are essential ingredients to the alchemical forces now working on the planet. The compassion is the key to the greater alchemy.

The winds experienced in North America are the winds of the prophecies, the Lakota Prophecy. This is the solar wind that was spoken of in previous transmissions. The force of this wind, not just the velocity or how many miles per hour it blew, the force of that wind carried agents of consciousness from the Cosmos, from the Solar Principle. Cosmic Forces came with that wind. The wind that was experienced on the Day of Shambhala which is 2-22-12. the Tibetan Day of Shambhala, could not express itself on the planet until the Shambhala prayers were in place. That day, yesterday, when the Shambhala Prayers were in place, they opened the doorway to the Shambhala forces and the wind could come through in a productive way, in a way that re orders the powerful of the planet and serves the purpose of the Apocalyptic Winds without doing the damage.

There is absolute Divine Alchemy in the synchronization of the Day of the Celebration of the Tibetan Shambhala Day to this great wind coming without massive destruction. You are witnessing the Time of the Prophecies. Because you are living in these times you may have a tendency to minimize what you are seeing because it is beyond comprehension. It is important to pay attention. Don`t miss a thing. Pay Attention to everything and don`t minimize it because this is the Time of Times.

So be it and so it is.

After this channeling, I walked into the cafetaria to get my breakfast at the same time a homeless man came in. As I stood at the register to pay for my breakfast, he walked up to the woman at the register and he said, `Do you have any ice` She said “not him again, don`t pay any attention to him“ He walked over to the food service place where they were serving food. He was a black man and there was a black woman employee and she took a few moments to say hello to him. I walked over and gave him $5. I said “hey brother, get yourself some breakfast` He said, `what` I said I love you, get some breakfast` His eyes just opened and turned to sparkles. He looked me straight in the eyes and said I love you and I walked away. That is the alchemy. That is the moment of the opportunity of alchemy. I didn`t change his life. I just made an opening. That is what our opportunity is. I understand it now through my being engaged with these homeless people down here in Denver