Message from Master, Saint Patrick
Channeled by:
February 13, 2012

it pleases me to speak through our lovely vessel once again. It has been quite awhile since we last conversed. Allow the fullness of my that is filled with unconditional love to enter your and bring peace and contentment into your mind, body and soul.

Each of you has a purpose, you are part of and that purpose is told to you within the fullness of your heart. All that is required of you, all that you are to know at each given phase of your journey is spoken through your heart dear children. Some of you say, you do not know what is your or Purpose, and then I ask you to listen Dear Hearts. Listen with your heart. To learn of your , you must be willing to bring under control every aspect of the human consciousness, all desires, and all emotions and bring Christ into your heart. Your is there Dear Hearts, it is not hiding, and it is waiting for you to commit yourself to the journey you have embarked upon. The many Ascended Masters, angels and those who are your guides wish for you have Harmony in your life.

Achieving a harmonious life is not impossible Dear Hearts, quite the contrary. You must begin living through that full heart of yours; within your Christ Heart. Through each of your journey there is to be NOT a word spoken from your lips that does not volunteer and extend true kindness, helpfulness, decency, and nothing spoken will speak ill of others. A lot to ask? Nay, not when you are working within your Christ Self and being God-Like in all action, thought, spoken word, and feeling. Once you are within your Christ Self you will no longer have any harboured resentments towards anyone. By this time Dear Hearts you will have learned Forgiveness and . Every challenge you have had so far, every lesson, every is to be embraced with Gratitude; even the ones that brought grand hardship. No resentment is to be kept burning. Learn to let these go, release negative energies to God and ask of them to absolutely not be brought back to your consciousness again. Ask the beautiful to help transmute any negativities that were born of this lifetime or of any lifetime prior to this. Free your spirit from any disharmonies Dear Hearts. Yes Dear Hearts, you have within you the Power to remove all negative discord that has found its way to your spirit.

I do understand that there are many that still are unsure or do not know what their Divine Plan or Purpose is. Let me tell you Dear Hearts, I have lived a difficult life when I lived of flesh and blood. Life for me was filled with numerous trials and tribulations. But I knew deep within my heart I had a purpose. I ask of you Dear Hearts, the ones that don’t know what their purpose is and the ones who have sat knowingly what their purpose is to look deep within your heart and trust what you find there. Each of you have the gift of intuition, use it, nurture it; it will become a grand asset to you. For within you Dear Hearts is a Spark that is alive in your hearts. This spark will galvanize your journey and draw you to many inspiring texts that you will absorb into your very being. I understand the journey you are on is a bit different from my own only because of the times Dear Hearts. The journey to the discovery of your Divine Plan or Purpose does require hard work and effort, but what doesn’t when you really want something. This is your future that you are creating, don’t dawdle here, become all that you can be; all that you were meant to be.

At your disposal is an opportunity to understand yourself at a depth you may not have considered or only put your toe in to check the temperature. Let me tell you Dear Hearts, the temperature is warm and just right. Yet it is your choice to accept that Grandness of what you can become by committing to your Christ Self or you can ignore it. The journey you are on requires devotion to all that it includes that will bring you to the Oneness of yourself and that of God. There is much for you to accomplish Dear Hearts from your spiritual journey that will have a magnitude of effect on your personal life. It does not matter if you are trained or not because you will learn. You are not untrainable; you only need to KNOW that you can succeed and that you WILL succeed because you are working within your Christ Self. And the Dear Hearts that have the skill already for their journey, the ones who have sat on their knowing of their Divine Purpose need to limber up. The Universe, your Earth needs all of you. Don’t become stagnate, become an active light worker that serves God to the Fullest and has an open heart that can accept all peoples of this fine Earth with no ill word or thought.

I know full well your missions require great responsibility. Embrace your mission; it will be revealed once you have an open heart that has removed all the Egocentric side of yourselves. Allow yourself to be all-consumed with your mission of your attention, your and your enthusiasm. When you embrace your , you are embracing God’s Love into your heart. When you bring God’s love into your heart with a fierce intensity of righteousness you will be overcome with the feeling you must share it because it’s too grand to keep all to yourself. Your completeness that will come after much hard work will bring you many rewards. One of those rewards will be able to teach others in small and large ways how it is to Embrace the Grand Love of God. Your experiences will be different because each of you is unique. Your uniqueness has much to offer Dear Hearts to each other. You will be able show others how you attended every detail of your life. You will understand and be able to guide others of the tools you needed that brought you to your destination or to where you are now. The grand wisdom you have gained will be needed and valued by others Dear Hearts.

You will be greatly challenged by those who don’t understand or those who will want to deprive you from the happiness you brought to your dear heart, body and soul. You are of strong mind and your heart is filled the courage of lion and you will have the strength and confidence to call upon God to support you through each step of your journey. Remember Dear Hearts, you have me, Saint Patrick who will always guide you, support you and love you throughout the marvellous journey you are on when you call upon my name. You are encouraged to not only be systematic but also opportunistic in thinking of your plan of action towards the many areas of learning you will encounter. Go with what resonates inside that Grand Heart of yours, you will know because you understand what it means to live through your heart and not with the Ego undermining you or making you second guess.

The Faith I have in each of you is beyond belief. In your own time, you will find your way; you will learn bit-by-bit of your Divine Plan and the Mission that each of you has. Never think you are without a purpose that you are here without a plan. Some plans Dear Hearts take longer to emerge than others. Don’t lose your Faith in yourself or in God, as He has not ever lost Faith in you.

I AM Ascended Master, Saint Patrick through Julie Miller