Channeler: Christine Anne K.

Published February 23, 2012

Introduction in stellar language

I salute you, Dearly Beloveds. My name is Enajal Ena, the Mother of Reversals.

As Mother of the Reversals, I am carrying the vibration of a great seniority, as if I was a very old person, and yet always reborn … Reversals are of various natures and take multiple forms – and we won’t list these. Consider a few moments inside yourself, my dearly beloveds, what are the different Reversals each of you has experienced already, during this life in which you are still aware of yourselves and your own history. What has switched inside you from one pole to another, with different forms and in different contexts?


There is inside you a natural movement that will never stop reversing : that is your breath. Observe how fluid and as natural it is, and how much you need it … You might also consider, if this is not too difficult for you, that your whole life is a process of turning over, between one instant that is a birth and the one of your death : and that inbetween the two you are simply making this movement, once, of returning to the same point, but in the inverted state … Therefore the Reversals are a process of life, as these very simple examples can make it obvious for you to consider.

There are currently, both for the Solar System, the Earth, and yourselves as Humanity, as a whole and on the individuals plan – and also among other living beings on this Planet, which are mainly plants and animals, and some others – a certain number of Reversal forms in process… And I'm not talking here of the usual life movements that I used as examples, but I am talking about more punctual , factual and conjunctural things : in other words, some current Reversals of unique and specific types are in process, because the Planetary and Systemic Cycle you are all sharing do imply, at the individual level and in each , some processes of which Reversals are part.

The changing of Cycle that has been accomplished and is continuing to do so (as this does not happen in a single instant) implies these reversals phenomena as -you have understood- something absolutely natural, absolutely logical, as a process of life that cannot not be … However, these movements require some attention because, say at some point of these cycles or their states, and therefore at some point (variable) of a Reversal cycle, there may be disorientation, there may be some movement error.

This is why, as the Mother of Reversals, I am observing, watching, escorting. I teach, and I create the best possible conditions in everyone. This is my function, this is my place, this is my , my Service.

…Today I will teach you some elements of the process and of internal control of your own Reversal processes – physical, magnetic, electromagnetic, and cosmo-telluric ones – so you can perform these movements, as much individually as collectively and planetarily, in the best fluidity that is … And not risking through the crossing of some delicate points to sink into any of anarchy or confusion that would just be a pity, which is not required at all by the process itself, nor by you or by anybody looking at you and loving you.

… I enjoy selecting an image, that you well know, of a little child learning how to reverse himself by putting his head down and toggling his body to the other side. I think you call it, I’m not sure : a pirouette, a somersault, something like that. It is a kind and funny name. However, if the movement is poorly managed : either it did not take place or one gets hurt.

So there is a way to undertake this type of movement, governed by certain laws of physics, harmonics, and mental clarity as well, in the decision to do so – in this case with this little move I took as an example, because it is very nice and tender, and as I believe awakens within you memories that are pleasant, happy, childlike, playful … You will agree with me that this small movement which we are speaking of requires being approached with lightness and decision, and if you hesitate before undertaking it, you become heavy and you dont know what to do anymore ; or you'll fall on the side and your fall will be a bit awkward, and you may feel some little pain here or there …

Well, consider that to perform the flip offered to you in the near future, you have to observe certain behavior : do it in lightness, ease and joy, and not to find yourself heavy, falling awkwardly aside with disappointment and, even, real trouble.

You see we are talking about something extremely simple, is’nt it? … I will continue to use this picture-example of the pirouette / somersault. Beside, when this movement is performed by highly experienced and skilled gymnasts, it does become extraordinarily light, fluid, fast, in complete accuracy, so that some can do this on a board or on an object set high, because they know exactly how to measure the whole movement made by their body in space, and where it will fall with ease.

Well, imagine that you would like to reach this perfection, this skill, in your own Flip…I assure you : you do not need to become experienced gymnasts, I simply invite you to understand what you have to be in order to do things in a playful way, with joy and lightness. Because remember that the small child after his spin will burst out laughing and joy : this is precisely what must happen to you, dont forget it.

So there are three steps in this setting in motion and in its realization, which are to be managed by you … It is clear that another part of the movement is largely out of your control, and this is perfectly fair – and it also corresponds to the Law of Surrender which is part of what you have to integrate into this little preparation.

We therefore have to consider as the first phase of what you have, you, to possibly manage : your inner attitude, that must be calm, centered. Your breathing should be calm, regular, unconstrained, and trust should be one of your attitude’s components, as well as, I should say, a certain pleasure – if only the pleasure of being confident and the one of surrendering to what It is … But the straightness of your inner alignment can only help you, and this is what I called the first phase to manage. You may say that it is extremely simple, but it is nevertheless very useful to be reminded to you.

The second phase you have to manage is that which will arise when you are carried away in something you do not know yet in your life experience (at least not in this form) and which therefore requires that you do not fall on the side, for example, or to remain stuck and cannot move. So this is … (I am trying to express myself in your language and it is not very easy to create instantly) … So there you have a set of movements that could become very chaotic : they are both external and internal movements, and depending to the circumstances in which you can find yourself, there may be different forms in this manifestation. I can not therefore give you a course description, simple and obvious, of what would happen – and what matters most is once more your attitude.

There is therefore a certain principle of non-action, and at the same time managing one’s own center, I would say, as much through your breathing as through the control of a certain surrendering of the mind – I know that this expression is highly paradoxical but it seems interesting to use.You must be ready, and someway you have to launch yourself, but at the same time you must do nothing – it seems to me that this is quite clearly described by these three verbs – … There is no point in wanting to establish defense, protection, management systems by external things.

You do not have either any possibility to anticipate, because you've never done it. When you perform somersaults for the first time, you do not have the possibility to anticipate about the surface which you are going to fall on, not even sensorially. When you’ve done it several times, you can, of course. Thus admit – as it is the first time – that all you have to anticipate is that it is going to be fine, and there is nothing to stop anyway because you can’t stop it.

So this is the second phase – and let this phase be happy : it is full of surprises ! … It simply requires you to stay in the right place and that you know at the same time how to throw yourself and to let go, as I said. If our friend Ashtir, the Elohim Master of Forms, were here with us, he would tell you no doubt that it is “very amusing”. And I wish I could find the words to say it as he would do.

The third phase, say, is the one where – still with the pirouette / somersaults example – you don’t want to fall in odds and sorts, but in a fluid and enjoyable way. So this is the end of the movement, or this which in any case will mark the end. The experienced gymnast, at the end of their somersault, go back to their feet in the same movement – which is not the case for most novices who play doing so, who will fall first and then stand up as good as bad as they are. This is probably what will happen to you …

Before you can stand up on your feet, you will be stunned, and it is important that you fall, again, within conditions that are sufficiently comfortable and coherent so you dont get bogged down in the fact of managing a bad body placement or a small pain, or a dysfunction, because of having fallen sideways and hitting yourself… It is therefore important, in order to optimize this arrival phase in the movement, that you have maintained a certain quality of speed : tha t you have not tried to stop, nor to slow anything down, nor to prevent what is naturally occuring smoothly once you are launched. There should be no hesitation or fear – which would create either the slowdown or even a mistake in your movement.

All this, I think, is extremely simple to understand – as long as this example of the pirouette / somersaults is always used, because I doubt that anyone never performed it. And if not, there is still time to practice ! … So if you are respectful of these conditions, you will arrive in an obvious way and therefore smoothly. Then, you will be dazed for a little while before knowing how to stand up back on your feet. And you will probably discover the joy of a space that you will like.And so you will have the joy ,just as the little child, to burst into laughter.

This is the way I have chosen to motherly prepare you for this experience of movements that you do not know yet.

I going now to deliver the same principles in a language that is not addressing your mind anymore. This is, we should say, complementary. One can also say that this is addressing that other level in you – which is almost I would say, the most alive today, and that does not use the limits of your mind to run their intelligence.

Here are these elements :

… A long chanting and statements in stellar language …

That's it, Dear Beloveds, I am looking at you, I am going along with you … But you must perform your move by yourselves. I hope my guidance will help you and allow you to be fully at ease and draw pleasure, joy, fulfillment from this.

I do not doubt an instant, in the present, of your abilities. I salute you, and I am watching you with care and Love.

I am Enajal, the Mother of Reversals.


via Christine Anne K. February 22, 2012
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