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Saturday, 18 February, 2012  (posted 22 February, 2012)



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The Human exists at the fulcrum of vast inner movement and the of this in manifest .

To begin to know this , I claim my true nature: I am movement.

As movement I feel exhilaration! I don't know exactly where I am going and at times this has held me back, but no more. I don't always see the big picture of why I am drawn to certain things, but I trust myself and I allow myself to move into, toward that which I am drawn toward, that which I love and which I feel like experiencing–not slowly gingerly, but with heart and enthusiasm–running freely, the wind in my hair, kind of movement.

I am invigorated by nature and life.

I am embracing my innate innocence and sense of adventure.

I have let go of needing to see all the steps in front of me.

I am just flowing, moving toward life in each moment. Trusting. Confident. Strong. Joy embodied.



Movement supports our body as we allow the intense energies we're experiencing to elevate our experience. I've doubled my daily walk time with the dogs and am also beginning to think about rollerblading again and/or running. The more we participate with these waves of cooperatively, merging with the , the easier this is. I'm noticing that the more I move physically the better I feel and using all this to exercise is also flowing the it in a wonderfully positive way for my body!

To get into this flow of movement, I had to cultivate it.  It grew gradually as I noticed any kind of movement energized and opened me up and so I kind of kept at it, little by little.  I had so much inertia after all this inner stuff for so long!!  Eventually more and more movement became part of my day and the whole thing got it's own momentum. I know it will continue to expand as I am appreciating it and noticing the delicious ways I feel! 

I am a big fan of stillness and inner movement.  For me, I simply came to a point where my inner movement was SO VAST! My life in manifest reality needed to come into balance and also move with more acceleration and expansion to reflect this.  

I needed flow in all of my life, not primarily on the inner planes where it was.  

All of this amazing, vast inner movement, NEEDS to come forth in our manifest reality!  The inner movement so many of us have created, in manifest reality, will expand our world!  I see the reflection of our inner "ultra-marathoner" emerging in our manifest reality as a powerful gift, balancing and harmonizing our world and revealing the New Human–who moves on inner planes and creates and shifts energy in big ways day in day out.  This most naturally will be reflected in the outer experiences we have and are.

I am an embodied being who was covering enormous distance within and yet my outer life was not moving so dramatically and I sense that's what's next…to have created enough alignment with our I AM presence, that we are able to elevate our seat of consciousness and reflect the inner reality by letting it flow into our way of being in the manifest world.  My outer life was kinda stuck… I am not just talking about exercise here, I am talking too about literal movement–to new places, creating new things, new relationships, manifesting my ideas and releasing them and creating more and more and more…about overall acceleration and letting it create more movement in manifest reality as a natural allowing of my energy to expand and be unified and harmonious.

In addition to all the inertia from so much stillness, there was a part of me that wanted to plan and organize my life…like I used to in the old paradigm.  For so long there was a part of me that wanted to KNOW and in this wanting, I hesitated.  Waited. I tolerated not knowing decisively and let parts of my life not move.  The thing is–now that we are moving beyond patterns and habits, there is less "known" about life in the long-term sense.  We can focus upon the essence of things we wish to experience–joy, happiness, vitality, love, abundance, freedom–and generate these.  The particulars are dynamic.  As we release patterns and habits, we become more FREE.  In this freedom life is spontaneous.  Dynamic.  In-flux.  And we don't need to see all the steps.  I've known this for a while, but it's different to know this and move slowly then to know this and RUN HEADLONG into life.  !  Running takes real trust and confidence.  And for me, really it is a leap of faith I'm embracing.

What changed so much of this is the clear indicators of how right-on this way of being is>>the incredible exhilaration of movement and joy just became the desired experience.

Life is accelerating, changing so fast now!  It's much easier to yield to my innate aliveness and to flow and dance with life enjoying the movement and also having the confidence that I can alter thing whenever I need to.  This is living based on the true understanding of reality that I have.  I am a powerful creator who can revise reality to suit my heart's desires.  Continually. I don't have to know what I want ultimately, I just have to know what I want NOW.  I just choose what's right NOW.  Later if I want something different I can do/choose that.

We are learning to live in Infinite Time, embodying our eternal, creative, limitless selves, which are continually changing/moving/expressing…holding onto NOTHING.  Why would we?  We're one with everything anyway…?  It's more a matter of where our focused experience and expression is right NOW. 

We are movement as life is movement.  

For me, I love running, sprinting, speed–things like skiing, bike riding, driving with all the windows down and the air rushing by me, rollerblading and skating fast–so that's my way of stepping fully into the nature of this true reality.  For others it might be different–maybe more like swimming, or diving, dancing, or flowing.  Choose your way of moving…what feels right to you, but I encourage you to tap into the incredible joy of motion with the increasing energy.

In light of our innate ongoing movement–wave-particle-wave-particle–it ought to come as no surprise then that hesitating feels irritatingly icky and moving feels incredibly fabulous.    

I AM/We Are movement embodied, I invite you to choose to cooperate with that.

Exhilaration is yours to experience!

And WOW.  It feels wonderful.

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