Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

Saturday, 4 February, 2012  (posted 7 February, 2012)

If you are beginning this month is a state of despair, you are not alone. Many are walking this road with you. Not only will the road take a turn in the not-too-distant future – a road toward your chosen destination in this life – but the journey you are undertaking will reveal far more support than you have yet been aware of.

  • You are not alone.
  • You have help.
  • You are on the path to your chosen life destination – your sacred destiny.

What could be better than all that?

Yes, but things do not look very good from here, you might be saying. That is true. This month, then, you climb a little higher. Ascend to new heights. Why? Because things look different from up there.

Imagine that you are climbing a very large tree, one of those tall tall Sequoia trees found in the Pacific Northwest US. Can you see the tree? It has a wide trunk, so wide that you cannot possibly get your arms around it. Four of you standing together in a circle at this tree's base with your arms outstretched and touching could not get around this tree. This is that kind of tree. So tall. And standing at its base, all you see is bark. You look upward into its branches and just see…branches. You cannot even see the sky. This tree is so big, so wide, and so tall that all you see is bark and branches. So what do you do? You begin to climb. You strap nice sturdy cleats on your shoes like the men who climb telephone poles and up you go. As you climb, you begin to notice things. Like how the ground looks, getting father away from you. See that? And now you are up among the branches instead of looking at them from the ground. There are creatures living up here: birds and squirrels. You continue climbing, up, up. Now you hear the birds. The squirrels chirp at you, wondering whether you are an acorn-stealer. You keep climbing. It is getting windy now. The air smells different. Back on the ground it smelled like pine needles and loam. Now you catch whiffs of distant woodsmoke, pine sap, and rain. You keep climbing. The branches are smaller now, and bendier. You catch glimpses of sky through the branches. The wind increases. There is more light. And then you stop climbing. You are there.

You look around you. Treetops, everywhere, stretching for miles and miles. Mountains in the distance. The ground far, far below you. Friends at the base, waving cheerfully, encouraging and loving you. They knew you could make it to the top! You look all around you, in every direction. Trees for miles. White clouds in a perfect blue sky. The friendly sun. Now you are warmed by both the sun and your effort. You have come to your destination. And it feels good.

Your life – your magical voyage – is very much like your imaginary climb up the tree. From the bottom all you could see was bark. At the top you see the whole tree. And more of the world. You have a different perspective.

This month will give you new perspective on your own magical voyage. From where you stand now, you cannot possibly see all that stretches before you over the next 28 days. No, for that perspective you must live those 28 days. You must climb your tree. One step, one day at a time.

What If You Are In Despair?

So maybe you aren't going to go out today and climb a metaphorical tree. That's okay. Maybe you just want to spend the day hiding under the covers, waiting for sleep to take you away from the pain and hopelessness of despair. What then?

If you are feeling alone, angry, hopeless, helpless, or any combination of these, there is a way through. Several ways:

Remember that things always change. How you feel right now, however bleak and hopeless and forever it seems, will change. That is one ineffable fact of life – things change. So hold on to that. Tomorrow is a new day.

Breathe. Sure, people are telling you this all the time. Know why? Because it works. Try it now. Right now. Take a deep breath into your , right up through your toes. Take another deep breath. Feel any constriction? A sense of choking? That's emotion. It wants out. Just keep breathing. Tell your emotion that it is okay to bubble to the surface. Make it feel safe. Keep breathing. And release.

Breathing makes everything better. It oxygenates your entire , cell by cell. If you are in a state of despair then you are likely also in a state of tension. Breathing helps heal your . It renews your soul. It helps you do a hard restart, like rebooting your computer, so you can start again.

Move. Right now. Get up out of your and move. Crank up some music and let your body go. Shake it out. Get wild. Or get out and go for a walk. Be purposeful. Grind your anger and hopelessness into the dust under your angry heels. Feel it down to your core. Move your body and move your .

Go ahead. We'll wait while you try any or all of these.

What If You Are Not In Despair?

Well then, yay! It's awesome that life is flowing for you right now. Keep it up! You are clearly doing some things that really in your life. Go, you! And do you know what else? Your state of joy is helping those around you who are struggling. Thank you. You are doing important .

And one day, should you be in a state of despair, you'll know that someone out there is helping hold you up. And maybe you will feel less alone.

What to Expect This Month


Are you so done with the rollercoaster? Perhaps, but this month all the upheaval and inner exploration will be so worth it. Remember that you are on a journey. Climb your tree, one bit at a time, and do not forget to enjoy the scenery on the way.

Every day, then, set aside a little time for You. What do you like to do? What nourishes your soul? Do those things. Close the door, turn on music, dance to your heart's content, write in your journal, have glorious sex with your lover, go to an art gallery, drink hot chocolate, daydream, bake brownies, plant spring flowers, plan a vacation. Do one thing every day – small or large – that honors and nourishes YOU.

If you can do that – make yourself a priority and set aside a little time every day to nourish the beautiful seeds within you – then your month will go that much easier. You will smile more. You will feel more loved. People will be kinder to you. You will feel more beautiful. You will feel more complete.

: I AM becoming more human every day.


On the whole, relationships become clearer this month. Personal work always creates change in relationships. As you yourself ascend new heights, new possibilities arise in the connections you hold dear. As you shift perspective, you create new and stronger priorities in your relationships as well. Be prepared for some loving time this month. As you feel more loved and loving, you attract greater amounts of love to you. Set aside time and space for the love you wish to have.

Affirmation: I AM a source of greatness around me.


As work continues around the world in the creation of the New Model, trial and error continues as well in smaller communities such as those you might be involved in. Some people are testing limits and boundaries. Some people are thoroughly challenged by their own personal work and take this to the larger venue of in order to attempt to work through it. Some people are simply trying to stay afloat through a sense of connection.

But everyone within your communities wants something. No one has absolutely no agenda at all. Once you realize this – as well as the fact that we are all simply mirrors for one another – then you begin to see how well you intertwine with the lives of those with whom you are in community. Try to hold space in your heart this month for compassion for the journeys of those around you.

Affirmation: I AM living the life I was meant to live.

Global Politics

What a carnival ride! In the U.S. same old same old with some surprises this month – there is the potential for a rather large and shifting announcement close to the end of the month, one that could change the political climate considerably. Elsewhere, expect a rise out of the doldrums and a renewed sense of hope both economically and politically for any countries, especially in southern Europe and .

Affirmation: I AM WILLING to hold space for great change to come.

Earth Changes

This is a windy month – tornadoes, mostly, as well as some stormy seas and winter storms that leave you gasping and dreaming of warm summery days. While on the whole the planet is warming, understand that Gaia is temperamental. Change occurs slowly. And while overall temperatures are on the rise, what may be more compelling are the extremes that emerge during this time of change.

Volcanic activity is strong this month as well, with a potential eruption in the south Pacific. 

Affirmation: I AM a strong being of amazing complexity.

Global Spiritual Changes

Personal work always brings about spiritual change. There is a movement afoot to reconnect on a human level, but in ways that you cannot yet imagine. This is a lengthy project, the outcome of which may not be fully seen in your lifetime, but understand that what you do, right now, in your life, greatly affects the generations to come. Yes, perhaps one day humans will communicate telepathically. Or they will act fro their hearts and not their heads. And why will this be possible? Because of the striving that you have, right now, to be a better person. To live your life fully. And to more fully understand what it is to be a human, right now, on this planet. Your life and your work all will affect many generations to come. Choose wisely and choose well.

Affirmation: I AM connected to all who ever lived and who ever will live.

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