12 February 2012

: Orneaha De Paoli

There really is no “filler&; or “free&; time any more, when what we do doesn’t or doesn’t have an immediate energetic impact on and environment. Any interaction or situation that we come upon has with it the potential to become either balanced (healed of dualistic good/bad qualities) or explosive (continuation of duality and the beliefs in survival and separation). It will however, always be the choice of the participants as to which will be experienced as we all are simply free to choose.

As we go through our day, we will have many “choice points” where emotions are heightened (even a little) and we will have the choice to either be internally urged to react and judge something as “wrong” or become aware and see the as a gift. In the latter, we then use the for our own enlightenment.

I will digress…

As has always been true, does not die. All will continually seek out and find its own no matter what form the appears in. Every thing is made up of the most basic positive and negative attributes, always magnetized to each other, looking for each other and holding each other in place – always searching and eventually breaking down (or evolving) and then transforming. The cycle of is endless…

The great spiritual masters saw (see) this in one way or another, and were (are) able to transform energy by basically freeing or neutralizing the positive/negative aspects of it, thereby balancing it and allowing its transformation into another state of energy by adding their consciousness to it.

Now, at this amazing, historical time everything is in place for that special divine spark within to ignite through full self awareness making a spiritual master and inhabitant of the planet Earth one in the same. But along with this, the stakes are raised, the rate of experiences has quickened and there is less and less “time” in-between events to seek out and create that balance within the self.

Hence, the choice points that are hidden all over the place.

As a sovereign being, you've always had the choice as to how you accept or react to yourself or others, but our conditioning has also always said otherwise. Now, a lot is moving and changing and the old conditioning is being released through the plethora of opportunities to exercise the choice for self-balance. What comes up is asking for that balance. You will show yourself what needs to be addressed.

If a thought (then emotion) comes up that is based upon fear, judgment, doubt – anything with an energetic pull – it is not balanced and is, as always, looking for it. Before making any moves in any direction, stop what you’re doing. This is a choice point. See the thought or emotion as if you were an observer, as if you were watching yourself as a character on TV (if a character on TV stubs their toe, your toe doesn’t hurt). Step away from it. Acknowledge that it is there (because it is) and accept it with love.

The true observation and loving acceptance brings any energy into a balanced state. In the next blog we’ll talk about the use of Acceptance in the art of balancing energy.

My Heart is One with Yours,



(The Gathering Blog by Ornesha) – http://zoxon.com/blog/gaining-mastery-through-choice-points