14 February 2012

Channeler: E-Galactic

Our dearest , blessing to you beautiful souls… How have all of you been? really ask yourself how have you been? Do you feel you have been living all of your light in every moment or have you been allowing yourself to slip into lower energies? This is no judgement by the way for that process is necessary.

How do you expect to be clean if you have not bathe in the mud? Through out the cosmos even within the oneness of all that is your frequency will always fluctuate. This is done purposefully of the creator so you can forget and remember who you are. The process of forgetfulness is not to the degree of not know completely who you are but rather take a break and return energize and more equipped.

This process helps sustain a healthy balance of your needed to be learnt on your spiritual journey. And it comes a time when you find yourself returning to the same lessons or what may appear to be the same when in truth they're not. And some may find themselves a bit frustrated because they feel they have surpass that already, but at times remember it is for you to indulge yourself before you feel you no longer need to create that . This way you have learned the ins and outs of the and have gained wisdom to share with others, then you see how your very reality is impacted by the practical decisions you make.

Brothers and sisters we feel at times you misunderstand us, not because you want to or we have misinformed you but rather it's because you do not think of us as your equals, therefore you create a construct of reality that makes you think we are some how supreme than you are, nothing can be far form the Truth. We too have much to deal with just not in the matter you guys are.

If anything you should see yourself as the masters because you are the ones cultivating through this experience of duality. Some of us are amongst you and some of us are you. You are much precious than you realize you are. How did you think we were going to accomplish this journey if not together? And to bring to your attention dearest , Why do you at times fight amongst yourselves? When you should be loving and supporting each other.

It is understandable and is perfectly normal for one to start to act out of frustration, we've been saying many changes are underway and for the fact you have not tangibly been living these changes you are starting to loose hope and become a bit hostile. If you the light workers give up hope now, than what does that mean for the rest of humanity?

What if you were to view this whole process as a grand symphony being perform and each instrument has a specific vibration to create the emotion in the , and each has multiple instruments… Do you think regardless of how beautifully the symphony is written, if every started to play multiple of their instruments at ones and is flipping the sheet of music to where they believe to be their favorite part, do you think that will bring in harmony and convey the emotions of the entire ?

You are to know your audience are not just humanity and Gia, although all of you have the first chair and first part in the music.. But you have the second third and fourth instruments and musician that also help to bring this beautiful symphony alive. All of us are playing together all Realms, Galactic Civilizations, Dimensions, and our grand conductor is the Creator. So it doesn't serve when one realm gets impatient and wants to play early and jump strait to the melodies.

We all have been waiting for this, we've all waited so long don't you feel the least we could do is to put on a good show. You the light workers are in the roles of living invitations, your fellow brothers and sisters are coming to you asking questions and unlike before they are willing to listen to what you have to say. If you don't have a convicted believe that we all are going to perform wonderfully how can you joyously invite them to the show. And Why should the musicians fight amongst themselves for who has the best part? all of that is of no importance for we are all one, and together we will perform like we've never did before, but we have to take hold of our butterflies and nervousness and join hands, embrace the events ahead and know we are all here for a reason and we will get to participate.

Things are changing even though some denies this fact they can still sense it. You should all wear smiles in your hearts for each other and all realms because ones we start playing together it wouldn't serve to be fearful. Many of you are already starting to work with us but do not fully believe that it is happening. Relax your souls dear ones compare to the rest of creation it's like we both are just entering the intermediate class. There are races that are much more advance then we are and some that are much more advance than those and so on and so forth. So much more we do not know and have yet experience compared to the rest of the cosmos.

So brothers and sisters why don't we take this journey together for what happens beyond this point of ascension is unknown to us. This is going to change everything and so it must be.

With the warmth of all of our hearts lets feel our oneness in this moment of Now and like you say, "Take a Chill Pill" 🙂 All is going to be well, just have to believe in the Process. For the process is all and all is one and One is the Creator and the Creator is the composer and conductor of this piece, we're the musicians.

Love and Light Your Galactic Family