Often you are filled with deep wishes and longings that fill your day and night with delightful images. It is when you focus, and I mean really focus with all your , mind and soul on the longings you wish for the most is when you really begin to pay attention. Many who have awakened to the Light of God, their wake up calls may have been the result of an unpleasant event or circumstance. Or some of you may have had a vivid dream that was so real you could reach out and touch all that was there. Whichever it was, or what it was that woke you, you are here NOW and your journey is well before you.

You are manoeuvring through many life changing happenings. Some of these life changing happenings will most definitely come as lessons that will bring a measure of discord, the amount of discord all depends on how you react to any given situation. No lesson or challenge needs to be filled with deep seated grief or worry. These will only feed into stress that will in turn cause you tiredness of mind, body and spirit. Through your many lessons, it is important children to remain as uplifted as possible. You will learn from many articles you are drawn to read how to detach yourself from expectations and from any attachments that link to anyone or anything. Attachments can carry negative vibrations and can reattach to your own auric field. I advise you to call forth the Beloved Archangel Michael when you deem in necessary to cut cords and free yourself from any lingering negativity or discord from any event, past or present.

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