You are always receiving Divine Love whether you " in" or not. Imagine how much greater the love can be when you consciously pay attention to the of Divinity within you. This attunement process is not difficult but it takes reminders and to take the steps required, when in the midst of your busy life.

Overflowing love awaits the opening of a door to . When you can slow the forward motion of your life long enough to breathe and receive this love, a level of attunement is there for you. This action will bring you a sense of protection and well being that adds a dimension of joy to daily life. When you allow yourself the moment to receive Divine Love, you can open up your awareness to receive the guidance you desire for any situation in your life.

A rapidly changing world is asking for all people to live from a heightened state of awareness if they want inner harmony. You often have no time for long retreats in natural environments or deep solitude available. When one desires more acute connection to spirit, there needs to be a place of instant attunement. As the frequencies of energy increase on the planet, it can cause disruption in the nervous system as the body adjusts. You may feel as though you are "over-amping" from the flow of heightened energy in your circuits.

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