, I would like to get to the of the regarding moving away from living your life solely through your emotional body where there are continual reactions to events that have already happened in your life. There is a time when you must take the initiative to enthusiastically modify the shape of the life you want to have. On your most personal level, I am trying to encourage you to lengthen your limitations and change your viewpoints. In time dear hearts, you will ascertain the expectations you have for yourself, for others and for situations are acceptable and suitable and which ones are not. This is done by recognizing with your heart the inner feelings and ability to detect patterns of behaviour much more clearly. Through practice living through your heart and more often leaving your Ego mind on its own, you will learn how to have genuine expectations of yourself and of others. The many challenges you have had already have helped support the expansion of all your senses and have assisted the growth and development of your inner-wisdom and knowledge that is meant to be shared in an unconditionally loving nature.

Dear hearts, I work within the White Ray of Purity and the Orange Ray of Logic, Knowledge and Reason. Invoke my presence by lighting a dark magenta candle, verbally identifying what it is you require from me. I will never reject you as I love you completely and unconditionally. Part of your spiritual and personal growth dear hearts is knowing your Truth. If you are going to stand for your Truth, you then need to know what that truth is. Dear hearts, for you to know your Truth you really need to KNOW yourself. This means you must look within, not from searching from what others think. Go and scrutinize and question each and every part of your existence in order to fully understand why it is you feel the way you do.

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