For many of you, it is decision time. The energy has stepped up to a level that, for some, who still have much to release, it is becoming very difficult. Those in this might say it is not becoming difficult; it HAS been difficult for some time. We would agree with this. Many of you might feel that it has been one thing after another piled upon your shoulders. Perhaps it is the trying to get your attention. And yet, you dig in your heels and keep doing the same thing but expecting things to , but how can things when you are not even willing to make any ? Look around beloveds — look at your life. What is it that is not working? Whatever it is, make the decision to it — take some step, no matter how small toward this goal. We could give you examples, but we believe that for those of you reading this, that you know of the area we are speaking of for you, for it is different for each one of you. The difficulties that one has may or may not be the difficulties of another for each of you has our own unique path and each of you is on a different point of level on your journey. The energy is such now that for the changes that many of you need to make — you will be supported in this endeavor. We do not mean for you to mistake this statement to mean that we are saying that this will be easy because, for many, it will not be, but it is necessary for you to move forward on your path, your journey. For those who choose not to make any changes, and there will be many, you will find hat in this new energy your problems/issues seem to grow even bigger. This is because they are not compatible vibrations. This new, higher vibrational energy, these waves of Light have boosted the energy to a point where lower, denser vibrations simply find it to be very uncomfortable and in some cases, forcing . In others, making the choice to leave and others will simply remain where they are — stuck.
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