It was my profound love that propelled me during each and every incarnation I embodied on Earth that maintained my DEVOTION to . If you have an open and are willing to connect to my energy, I will show you, guide you to aligning your own will to that of God's. This divine will is a prevailing stream of energy that is continuous and infinite. It is a challenging undertaking dear children. One that requires a mature that is ready. Each of you will know from a deep understanding of yourself through the many challenges you have already progressed through. You will know of your own readiness and level of . Each step of your journey you take when you are ready to move on. You do not jump into something without knowing what the prerequisites are. I understand your eagerness to learn everything that is presented. Follow your heart and your guides and trust yourself with full wholehearted belief that you are where you are meant to be and that you will progressively move forward only when it's time to.

When a dear child is ready to accept such a full commitment of devotion to God and to their own spiritual achievement that brings about full Christ Consciousness, that child has been able to accept themselves as being perfect just the way they are. The child who is ready for such a commitment has been able to forgive themselves and all others who have done wrong towards them. Yes there is a lot of involved, but this delivers a great reward — peace and harmony that affects every aspect of the personal life and daily interactions.

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