as we begin, I wish to remind you that each of you are Rays of Unconditional Love and Light. And each of you is born with the to rise above anything that presents itself as a challenge. Within those challenges that you have faced and are facing still are many precious lessons that are crucial to your progression on the path of your journey back home to the of God.

It is imperative to remember that you are not your characteristic behaviours. And you are not the sum of your entire experiences. Each of you is a spiritual individual, each of you is a of Love and this is forever linked to God. I will work with you to further ignite this into a roaring flame of devotion, not only to God but to yourself. The disconnectedness from God many have been feeling is not reality, but an illusion created by your own beliefs. It is these beliefs that at one time served well, but now to require consideration. The journey has awakened a thirst to know the truth that will resonate only with your dear heart. I see many of you question your journey; you question what you already know because the Ego that resides in the mind is still in control. It is the Ego that allows you to give in to second guessing and uncertainty. Trust dear children with your Heart and know from the Love of God that you are indeed loved, and the work you are doing is for the greatest of good. If at all you still find yourself doubting, seek God Himself. He will clarify what is already answered in your dear heart.

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