Finding is the overall achievement many dear people across this fine globe are aiming for, using all their efforts to gain true love filled happiness. Happiness can not really be bought; many think money can but the happiness in a new toy, a new gimmick, dress, or car. They do not bring you the pure happiness that is filled with love that lives inside your . The happiness money buys is a product of the Ego dear children. The great philosopher Aristotle had studied and written many texts and he has written a text solely on Happiness. He speaks of happiness being the summary of your life, accepting all that has transpired, all the good, all the bad and finding happiness with the outcome. To Aristotle, happiness is accumulative of all that has transpired. If you have walked through your life to this point, always living through your , happiness surrounds you.

I do know for I have been at the sides of many when the path of their life took them down a not so favourable. If there have been instances in your life that created un-pleasantries, you cannot go back and fix what was done, but you can learn from those grief causing events. When you are able to accept all sides of the situation, not only yours but all that is involved, you will be able to move through the negative clinginess of the event and propel yourself into the NOW which is preparing you for your eventual tomorrow. There is much to learn, and a lot of the learning is what is inside of you. You are loved beyond any measure no matter what paths or detours you have taken.

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