your ability to conquer your lessons have been proven countless of times so has your perseverance to move through one to the next.

The journey you have embarked has taught each of you so much, yet there is much more waiting for you. There is never an end to your self-education children. All the tolerance you have endured, all the hardships is never wasted energy. In fact every detail, every thing you have experienced has helped to create who you are now.

Oh, I do know what it is like to be faced with dire circumstances. I do know what is it like to be a parent and to love and to live a simple life in devotion to God. Being a parent is the most rewarding gift any species can experience and for a human it is an opportunity to infuse unconditional love at every step and stage into another . As a parent to a child you gave birth to, or a child you have adopted or came with the you have relations with brings both hardships and rewards. Before you became a parent, love did not have the same meaning. Parenthood is when many people figure out what unconditional love means, but not all people have to be parents to know this. This ability to love for the sake of loving with no expectation of any acknowledgement or shared emotion returned is the purest form of love. When you love your child, you love everything there is about your child; the good and the bad; you can overlook the bad because your heart is filled with devotion, compassion, and love that fills your entire being.

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