I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the comes for the changes that will be taking place on the . As the sturdy bridges, mountains and valleys all collapse into themselves they will rebuild in new formations and bring about a new way of living. They will represent how you can surmount obstacles that have come into being in the time on earth and how easily they can be taken down and reformed to be advantages for living in a pristine world, one that harmonizes with your every .

As these mountains and bridges to other factions of the earth body are seen to be in rapid evolution there will be sanctuary within the earth and on ships above the planet. All will be given the chance to be uninterrupted in their transition, and in so doing you wont have a long time to withstand the changes. In it will be as if in the blink of an eye they will take place. Such will be the span of time in which you will be not only taking part in the restructuring, but also in the transition of your own , right along with that of Gaia.

This will not mean for you that you will have trauma, quite the opposite. You will find that the changes that will come into being will do so with flow and resonance. You will enjoy the transition and take part in it as it reforms your molecular beingness into that of nature. You will experience such a wonderful transitory period that you will feel as if you are floating on a cloud of gold dust while is singing to you. You will in the dance of that is being beamed to you. It will be as a walk with the angels into a new you and a heightened way of being. All of this will take place as Gaia is experiencing herself being reborn. She will gain such an ecstatic feeling that she too will not undergo any trauma. For her too it will be as a dance into perfection and the feeling of within her body. You will not see a whole lot of change of the beauty of earth; it will involve mostly the inner beingness, the matter will transform to antimatter, in nature, as will you.

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