In this discourse I wish to bring to you the knowledge of your Divine connections. Each of you who find your way to the messages through this scribe are members of the of Melchizedek and have been so through many lifetimes and experiences throughout the entire Universe, Omniverse and Multiverse. Deep within your Being, you walk to the heartbeat of a higher , a pledge of service that you made to bring Divine , knowledge, Love, peace and harmony to every Planet and every species that needed assistance in remembering the ways of the Divine Laws that all Beings in the Creator's Great Expansion adhere to and uphold.

Throughout eons of time you have come to these Worlds to teach and heal, to spread Love and compassion, to bring into manifestation knowledge of Universal Laws. This you have done before and you are now in the process of remembering the Plan you and your spiritual advisors made before ever incarnating here on beautiful Earth. You have seen many great cycles come and go and watched in sadness as the seeds of Love and of Light that you brought previously did not take root. This time is different, Dear Ones, this time there are a myriad of Beings of higher Light who have incarnated together in concert to effect a great transformation within all systems on this World.

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