There are of that take place within each who has embarked on their journey. One of the earliest is the awakening to your spiritual needs, and then the one who is devoted to their journey seeks to understand of different meanings and possibilities. Then there is towards the discovery of values and what is of current value or importance and what is no longer of use. There is evidence of pure spiritual development involves in the demonstration of human personality that is motivated by love and activated by unselfish reasons that are controlled by the wholehearted devotion of the perfection principles of spirituality. It is this experience that establishes the reality of religion as compared with theological beliefs.

Dear children, religion can develop to a level of experience where it becomes a rational and wise technique of spiritual response to the universe. An overstimulated religion can function on three levels of human personality: the intellectual, the morontial and the spiritual; where the mind becomes one with the evolving soul and then dwell within the spirit.

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