Welcome to another beautiful Sunday. I AM appreciative of my time spent with each of you through our lovely ; your sister.

The likes and dislikes of the human mind does not determine good and evil; moral values do not develop out of wishful or emotional frustrations. During time spent observing oneself, you must differentiate between what is value and what has value. You must be able to identify the connection between enjoyable undertakings and their expressive combination and heightened recognitions that bring about increasingly higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Something of significance gives meaning to an experience that adds value; it is the grateful awareness of values and Ideals. If you have an isolated and purely self-absorbed pleasure it may suggest an essential depreciation of meanings, an empty gratification that borders on comparative wickedness. Your values become observed when actualities are significant and spiritually associated, when such connections are acknowledged and respected by your mind.

Your values can never become motionless; your reality, your world requires and growth. Any without growth, the development of importance and praise of value, is valueless; thus having the potential of maliciousness. Your values are not theoretical deceptions; they are very real, but they always depend of the fact of connectedness of relationships. Your values dear ones are always both authentic and prospective — not what was, but what is and is to be. The association of authentic-ness and prospective-ness equals growth;

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