Dearest Brother and sisters it is time that you consciously create with the best intent of all that are involve, later which will expand to all kingdoms and realms of your . It seems that others are starting to dream the same dream as you. "Unity the through expression of the ."

This requires you to have confidence in who you are and your truth, and remember not to force your perspective of reality on another. Thus you may have a higher consciousness of what is going on around you in your world, Try to understand if you may, that each being hold a unique perspective of reality.. This is important because not all is going to agree with you, but if you can convey your truth through well articulated vocabulary you can than orchestrate how they receive much of your higher understandings.

At first you may not know of what subject they have much , for you to stem your conversation to evolve it to a higher understanding, so try not to encourage the ego as if you know all about what that is transpiring. You may be surprise to learn a thing or two yourself. So keep an open mind and heart.

For those who you resonate with, feel free to ask to keep in contact, for there's a reason for everything. You may have to work together in the near future. You will be surprise that many people aren't as lost as you may have prejudged, so give each soul an opportunity. Let your experiences come natural, and naturally it will flow. Don't expect them to get all of what you are saying either, so don't be frustrated if the conversation doesn't go to where you expected. Always take the opportunity to help expand their wisdom. I think it is wise to share the part of the process that you find much exciting, this way you will speak with conviction in your knowing .

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