Many on earth are wondering about awakening: "How much longer? Is it really going to happen? Are we deluding ourselves? Surely we can't be? This is God's Will for us — endless talk, uplifting and inspiring though it is, but when will it happen? We have been holding the Light for a long time, listening to encouraging channeled information telling us "soon," and still we wait. At times it can be most disheartening."

Dear ones, your prayers and hopes are all held lovingly in the bosom of God in every moment. You are not forgotten. All is going as divinely ordained. Hold strongly to the Light burning inextinguishably within each one of you, and to the inner knowing that holds it there. Do not be misled by the naysayers and doubters who would attempt to persuade you that your hopes and beliefs are psychological defenses against the inevitability of death and the nonexistence it presages. All this is your collective ego fighting for its survival — when the illusion dissolves so does the ego.

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