The divine Light of God's Love shines more and more brightly upon you as you intensify your practice of behaving lovingly, and as you work to release any attitudes or behaviors that are less than completely in alignment with those that will lead you Home. Opening your hearts and offering love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness to all with whom you interact are the most effective ways to bring yourselves Home to Reality, as the fully conscious and fully awakened divine beings that you have always been. Your arrival is assured because there is nowhere else that you can go! Focus on this truth and allow it to lift your spirits in joy as your awareness that it is indeed true bubbles up into your consciousness, even as you continue to experience the illusion and the problems and issues with which it presents you while you continue to wend your way homewards.

All of humanity is making this journey even though enormous numbers of them seem to be utterly unaware of the fact that they are divine spiritual beings lost in the illusion. They may well feel lost, but it seems to them that that is humanity's natural state and so they accept it reluctantly and work with it as best they can. Needless to say, when they awaken and discover the truth of who they are, their joy will be boundless. And your job is to assist them in this momentous task of which they remain unaware. By your loving behavior you spark a ray of light, or sound a gong within them, and that causes these temporarily lost ones to pause momentarily in their headlong rush for worldly satisfaction (completely unattainable, as it is) as they wonder "what on earth was that?"

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