Dratzo! We return! On this day dedicated to love and romance on your world, much continues to happen behind the scenes. The secret sacred societies of East and West have come together to set up a plan to replace the major governments of your planet. As you know, the most critical change is the de facto US regime. This illegal corporation has run America officially since the end of the US civil war, its prime purpose being to establish the major banking families and their close allies in positions of unassailable power. Every President since Lincoln has had to bow down to these wrongdoers and their unilateral to subordinate US domestic and foreign policy to their every whim. This hijacking of American democracy was backed up by massive corruption, bribery, and the occasional timely murder. This shameless criminality is now to come to an end and is the primary raison d'être of the caretaker governments' radical transformations. The shadowy puppet-masters are to be arrested and publicly hauled off to jail and their subsequent trials will reveal the true extent of their perfidious for humanity.

The present thinking is that this interim governance is to be a bridge between your present crises-ridden world and the building blocks of your nascent galactic society. We have held detailed discussions with those who will carry the banner of this new governance, as we are very interested in how they intend to institute the many programs slated to begin once they are announced as America's new leaders. A flurry of documents has passed between us over the past few weeks. Of most concern to us is how each of the major, sweeping propositions they will be announcing will be officially carried out. We have counseled them based on our own extensive knowledge and have also set a date for full disclosure, at which we intend to introduce ourselves to you. Between the rise of this new government and disclosure we aim to greatly increase the daytime sightings of our craft and to prepare you for what is to be done on the day of disclosure itself.

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