We Are from the of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Divine Core Essence in the .

Dearest ones,

We speak to those who were counting on being part of the "Voyage to the Stars" . But we also embrace those who were merely observing, but participating with their heart and emotion as part of a to be in the collective consciousness of starseeds, lightworkers and all those who are on your earth to help with the ascension process.

We are with you and understand how testing it must be for all of you, to be so shaken by the yes-es and no's (because of certain reasons), from your galactic friends, who have invited you to visit their star ship.

We know exactly how difficult it is for you, to open yourself up for an unprecedented adventure which would have asked of you to let go much of your familiar world and dare to enter new realities, knowing you would not be the same on return. And how demanding it would be for you to return and remain further in your old world. It is like dying, there is no doubt about it.

Now that you have stretched yourself beyond your familiar pattern and this new has not been filled with new information and expected experience, it leaves you empty and doubtful, while you lost your usual point of self-. As you have been reaching out for a new , leaving behind the old one, many of you are now in a of no-man's-land, which is very difficult to bear. You wanted to jump forward, willing to die to your old self, but now you do not know how to find your new identity as the old one has died, indeed.

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