We listen to your calls to us, for us to show you ways and give you as to how you can make your difficult ventures in the lower vibrations a little bit easier. Every thought is a , and is itself an energetic transmission that we receive as soon as it is directed at us. We receive your thoughts and prayers for a better Life and for an easier in the lower dimensions, and as we feel your pleas, we make the call for you to view all events that occur in your Lives from a Loving, detached perspective. When you see a date dropped or hear of a miraculous event said to manifest, allow the scenario presented to anchor itself into your personal energetic field, which will help make you a vessel for the scenario's energies of Creation to come through.

Scenarios and predictions are presented before you in an effort to get you to Create the possibility of the scenario presented happening. We ask you to think and feel upon the miracles that events such as disclosure and our presence among you will bring, but you must Create these scenarios yourselves or they will never manifest. Here in the higher realms, anything manifests instantly through thought and feeling, though of course it is not as easy to manifest things in the lower dimensions. The events you have been reading and hearing about that have been predicted to manifest, are very big events that will have far-reaching consequences and will take a lot of collective manifestation effort to happen.

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