God said:

You have been such a servant of time. You want something now, right now, or you will do something later or maybe never. Time seems to be your . You are obedient, or you are wayward. You are assigned a rating according to your use of non-existent time.

Time beats its metronome without batting an eye. You try to catch up or slow down, and you make time invincible.

It doesn't matter that I tell you that time doesn't exist. You kneel to time just the same. Time has become your standard. And when you do not kowtow to time, you feel bad.

You are bound and determined to fill up time, and, often from your point of view, the more you fill it up, the better. The more you get done in little time, the more you feel you are up to the mark. The less you get done in a lot of time, the less worthwhile you feel.

Time is innocent, and yet it flogs you.

Would that love would rule you more than time.

Love knows not of time. Love is a healing balm. It is instant. It is eternal. Love is an instant cure to whatever is on your mind. Love yourself, and time will not throttle you.

How can it be that time does not exist while the world runs on it? God forbid that you don't honor time. Time doesn't exist, and yet it has authority over you, such authority over you. Time is like a warden. Ease your foot from the pedal of time, from this concept of time that holds you in its grip, that holds you in servitude.

In Truth, there is no time, and yet there is time for everything in Eternity. Time does not exist to do things in, and yet in Timelessness there is all the time in the world.

You cannot master time because time has mastered you!

Have a good time – what does that mean?

And, yet, in the world, you have to catch your flight on time, and the tension grows. Time is a great tension-builder.

And space rules you, even as space does not exist either.

You are ruled by two fictional characters. The world has made gods of them. Everyone bows down to them. Wars have been fought over space that can, in Reality, only be empty. And deadlines have been met or not met, and punishment is given. You are charged interest, or you may even be under penalty of death in some kingdoms of the world. It is said that your time runs out. Time is nothing at all, and yet you adhere to it. Be on time is the world's motto. Don't be late.

Okay, adhere to time. Get to work on time. Catch your flight, and know that time is nothing. You don't controvert time, and yet you can keep time in its place. You don't betray it. You don't have to start a rebellion. And, yet, you don't have to be so time-serving.

Yet even on vacations, time seems to have you in its thrall.

You are far greater than time, and yet you bind yourself to follow it.

Take your time, beloveds. It is yours. Be on time without being beholden to it. Take a break from time every now and then. Give yourself a break from the intensity of time.

You may set an alarm clock, yet when you sleep, and when you dream, you are out of time, and you rest.

And when you are running around in the world, take time into account and, at the same time, take your time. Take all the time in the world.

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