God said:

Come right up. Enter My heart here. Here is where I AM, and here is where you ARE. You belong in My heart. Indeed, you have never been anywhere else. Ask Me to mentor you. Ask Me anything you want. Tell Me anything you want. It is all music to My ears.

You love to hear from those you love. So do I. Tell me anything. Say hello. It doesn't have to be newsworthy what you say to Me. Say, "God, God, God," and I am happy. I love to hear you say My Name. I love to hear your voice. I love to hear you talk to Me.

Speak to Me of love. What else, really, is there to talk about? Whatever it is, We can talk about it, yet the subject always, sooner or later, turns to love. So let's speak of love now. It is My gift to you. It is My thanks to you. Love is what I am for, and love is also what you are for. We are for nothing but love, and love is something. Love is everything.

I introduce you to love. "Hello, love. This is a Heavenreader I am introducing you to. Love, say hello. Heavenreader, embrace Love. Love will love you.” Love just naturally loves. It doesn't matter who you think you are or who you think you're not. Love is My middle name, and My first name and My last name. Love is My Name. Love is yours.

I have given you everything I have to give, and this is love I have given to you. Inquire within. Go to your heart and find the house of love. Here is where everyone has love. Love is captured in your heart, and Love is freed in your heart as well. Where Love is, Love is welcomed. Hip hip hurray for Love! Three cheers for Love.

And now multiply Love. That's it. You are multiplier of Love, My Love. You don't count it up, yet you multiply it. Love in, love out. Love, love, love. All love is Mine, and all love is yours. There is naught else but love. Love in the air. Love on the road. Love in the sky. Love in the stars. Love in the day. Love in the night.

You have been foraging for love, and now you let love go out everywhere. You are a dispenser of love. Love is what you are made of, and love is what you have been made for. Love is your inheritance, and love is your privilege, and love is what you give, and love only.

If you wish to teach others, then love them and don't teach them anything. Love will take over. It is the only teaching that amounts to anything. Do not hold yourself up as a . Beloveds, I am the . I teach love. Love is the only . Serve love, and you will inspire the world.

You are well aware that others need to give out more love. You have seen stinginess of love in others. Never mind, give your love rampantly. Be generous with love, and you will no longer judge anyone. Let it be easier to love than it is to judge. Let criticism go by the wayside. Ride a go-cart of love. Speed down the highway. Ride a trolley of love. Love Me. Love you. Love your neighbor. All are your neighbors. The furthest star is your neighbor. There is no one who is not your neighbor. And I am your nearest Neighbor of all. I am right with you. I am deep within your heart. We are deep deep friends. This is how I like it. This is how I love it. I love you, and you love Me, and how beautiful is love. What can be better than love? Nothing. What can be as good as love? Love alone. There is nothing else. Anything else amounts to a hill of beans.

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