God said:

Everyone does not see eye to eye. Everyone sees through his or her own eyes. And very different things may be seen.

At the same time, everyone carries responsibility for what he sees and how he is seen.

There are understandings and misunderstandings. Everyone intends well. Everyone thinks what he is doing is right or called-for. And no one wants to be interfered with.

A at school may adore a certain naughty student, let's say, and, yet, if that student makes a certain kind of smart remark, and the says nothing, other students will take that as a go-ahead to make their own smart remarks. The has a responsibility that the students do not at first have.

No one I know likes to be corrected, rightly or wrongly. Every one of My children desires freedom, and many do not know the difference between freedom and license. Is license the right word? Everyone is free to say what he likes at the same time you had better know where and when. Here, but not there. There, but not here. License would say that you can say anything you want anywhere any time. One who takes license may not know the difference between a tea party and a camp-out. Words may be appropriate in one context and not in another.

One who objects to being corrected may also be adamant about correcting another.

A lot does come down to responsibility. Of course, it is best to be responsible for yourself. A responsible person knows when and where and how. A responsible person has the freedom to know when and where to keep thoughts to himself.

Everyone makes mistakes. Schoolchildren make mistakes. Teachers make mistakes. School administration makes mistakes. Unlikely is there perfect agreement. Perhaps in theory, yet not in practice.

Let Us forgive others their mistakes, and let Us forgive ourselves for our own mistakes. Let Us even forgive ourselves for judging others. Let Us let go of the past. How many times have I said that? And how many have listened and followed that? Certainly, everyone has tried.

I tell you that you are perfect. Only in the world are you imperfect. Concede to this, and you won't be dismayed so when someone disagrees with you.

Take it easy when you correct another, and take it easy when you are corrected. Grant yourself some leeway, and grant leeway to others as well.

We come back to again and again that there are no others. It is yourself you defend from yourself. It is yourself you approach. It is yourself you favor or disfavor. There is such a thing as how you conduct yourself. Manners in one country may be opposite to manners in another, and this is true for individuals as well. In one house, life is conducted a certain way. In another house, life is conducted in a different way.

There is room for all, and differences, when seen from a longer view, matter not at all.

In all cases, be kind. Be kind as you can be. And remember to be kind to yourself.

Everyone in the world is scrambling to stay afloat. Help others, and help yourself. The best way to stay afloat in the ocean is to lie back and relax. Is that not so? In life, then, lean back and don't make so much of what goes on. Tomorrow something else will go on. There is nothing to get into a fuss over, is there, is there really?

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