God said:

Be sure that you remind yourself that nothing in the world is as important as it seems to be to you. Let go of a of importance. Let go of your of importance, not only of yourself, but of what goes on around you. It is all fleeting. Today there is one challenge. Tomorrow there is another. Challenges are part of regular life in the world. Are you going to light a fire under every one of them?

You will run out of breath if you think every difficulty that arises is yours to solve. Some difficulties have to be passed by. For some difficulties, you have to say to yourself: "I will just let this finish its run."

There are those matters that are your responsibility, and there are those matters which are not your responsibility.

In one sense you are responsible to everyone for . This is true. At the same time, not is your business. If your business is Sears, you don't tell Penny's what to do.

If you are a customer of a certain , of course, you have your likes and dislikes. That is fine. How the runs its business is up to the company and not you. You may like to vent to Sears, for example, but why? Save your . Move on. Maybe you will like Penny's better. Or maybe you won't.

What is your place, dear ones? Are you the lawmaker of the world?

In the world, there are matters you have to let go of. Right yourself, if you must, yet let go about righting others. Of course, you're right. From your point of view, you are right. As right as you may be, what is yours to decide and what isn't?

The government of a country is meant to be yours to govern. A government is meant to represent you and not itself. You have your voice.

When it comes to a private enterprise, decisions are not yours to make. If you don't like the way a private enterprise is run, it is your decision to stay or to leave. Divine right is not yours when it comes to an enterprise that is not your bailiwick. Of course, you have your opinions, and yet you do not have to go on and on to declare your opinions. Support or don't support, but do not haggle.

If you do not like a store's offerings, you don't have to shop there. You can go to another store. In life, children of My heart, you are free to leave one store for another. Release yourself from dissatisfaction. This is also true of a company where you work. Of course, they could do things differently, yet, how they do things is their decision. They invested themselves in the company before you joined them.

Of course, it is well understood that complaining means you also care. You would not complain if you didn't care. And, yet, when you care, what you must do is rise above your complaints. Do you want to help or complain? Frequenting a store, for example, is not a marriage. You don't have to stay there.

When you play baseball, you don't try to change the ground rules. When you play baseball, you have tacitly accepted how the is played. If you don't like how baseball is played, you can try basketball. You can try bowling. You can try reading a book.

You are free to find where you like to be and what game you like to play, yet the rules of the game are not your decision to make.

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