God said:

Beautiful Stars on , harken to Me as I tell you how beautiful you are and how much you stir My .

Everything you might say to Me, I say to you, and I repeat that We live in . I am One with you, and you are One with Me. I am you, and you are I. We are a mixed bag of one trick, you might say.

There are no tricks here. From the vantage of , all is simple, and all is clear. From the vantage of Earth, all is a scramble. No wonder I am called God, and you are not called God. I live in peace. I live without upset while you have scrimmages all over the place. That is precisely because you live in the world. That is, you are aware of living in the world and not so aware of your sojourn in . Although you have one on Earth and another in , you only dream or aspire one foot in . You forget your other foot actually is in . You forget what is truly solid, and you run about on the Earth that you imagine is solid.

What truly exists, you don't see. You do see the form and shape of Earth and all the play upon it. You look through a keyhole, beloveds, and you think you see all there is. What you don't see is the Truth of Existence.

You are based on Earth, and, yet, your true foundation is in Heaven. The fact is there is nothing else but Heaven! Earth, as dear as it is, is flimflam. It is a B movie. Sometimes it is the Best Movie of the Year. Sometimes it is Academy Award. Sometimes. And now, dear friends, we are going to make only Academy Award movies. All of life is going to become worthwhile in deed and in awareness. We are going to have a beautiful run of movies, spectacular movies, all a romance of one kind or another.

Dreams are going to come true on Earth. Love takes its rightful place on Earth, and you become Kings and Queens. You are nobility. You are Heaven nobility. You have always been so and have not seen.

Now you will see. You will see what love is. You will see the love you are. You will dispense with anything that is not love. When you dispense with all that is not love, there will be only love. You will see love reflected in the lake you look into. You will see that you are the face of love, the heart of love, a Being of Love. You will look into the mirror of a lake, and you will see that I am you, and you are I. There will be nothing else to look at.

Right now there isn't anything but theater on Earth, but you are very much into circumstances and all the periphery. You think you swim in a tiny fragment of Earth when, in fact, you occupy Heaven. You and Heaven are One. I am One with Heaven, and so must you be.

Tell Me, beloveds, is there anything more than that to ? When you melt into Oneness, what else is left to ? While on Earth, you will still food, and love will supply it. You will still want fiction, and you will have it. You will have story after story, and you will know that you are playing a part in a story. Stories will be more like that you read. The life you live will be more like a story you read. You will turn the pages of your life, and you will not lament. You will easily pick up another story to read, and you will see it played out on the screen of life. You will know you are in a theater, and you know you will leave it, even though the theater itself is imagined.

Imagine that.

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