God said:

Will follows . first. Will will follow. There has to be an idea first. There has to be something you will with all your , and, therefore, Mine. works on both sides, as if We have sides. There is no other side but Mine.

To will is not meant to be something hard to do. In fact, will is not something you do. Will doesn't mean working hard at it. Determine what you will for, and then let it be. Let it come forward. Let it reveal itself.

If you want to write a book, of course, you have to desire to do this, will this, and write the book. Will is not meant to mean effortful, however. Effortless is the way to go.

When you truly desire, what will stop you? True desire is not an add-on. It is where you are. The days of strong will and individual are over. Desire is not a vague thought. You have noticed the you want to go in. You are self-directed. You are not swimming against the tide. You are going with the tide of your desire. Desire will lead you. It will lead you to will. From the setting of will, you fulfil your desires. Your desire sets something in motion, and you are part of that motion. It is not by some monumental that your desires are fulfilled. You are present. You are not absent. You don't pay someone else to write your book when it is your desire to write.

Your desire fuels you. If you want to write a book, it doesn't write itself – or does it? You don't have to chain yourself to the computer to write your book. You may set a time to write, and so you write. Daily application of yourself goes a long way.

When you are applying yourself to what is meaningful to you, strain is now over. Whatever you are desiring to do, you are the one who does it, and, yet, it also seems like a stroke of luck that the book is written. As soon as you start it, it is written. Do you understand Me? Of course, there are unfinished books. So be it. Maybe there is another one for you to write now.

There is something that propels you forward, and that is desire. Desire takes no effort. Desire appears. Once it appears, a direction has been set. The Universe will support you. Your desire gives the Universe the opportunity. In a sense, you are in thrall to your desire. The desire occurs to you. You didn't consciously choose it. You have noticed its awakening in you.

When you desire peace, for example, it comes from deeper than your mind. It comes from My heart, and you take it on. It becomes your desire. The process fills you. There is something you want, and you go to meet it.

There is more to this than meets the eye. There is a momentum that gets started, and you ride on that momentum.

You are innocent. Desires are not crafty. They are not clever. They are desires. There is something within you that wants to arise, and desire awakens it.

Yet all desires are Mine. I wake you in the morning. After a while, you get up. And then you go about your day. And you find out what is on the calendar of your day. You find out your day. You may go through the motions the same, and yet each day fulfils itself. In a sense, you order your day, and yet you watch it befall.

Sometimes when you look at your life, you realize that you were not the one doing. This will seem strange to you at first because you thought you were a hard worker. That you have never done anything doesn't mean you are a slacker. It means I am the motivating force behind you. We can say that desire comes from Me, and We can say that it is My desire you fulfil. And wouldn't you? And don't you? And aren't you?


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