God said:

Of what love are We? There is One Love, and no other. There is One Love, and yet it has turned into pieces. The Indefinable has been defined. There is this kind of love and that kind of love, and no love at all, says the world. Yet love is Love Incarnate. Love depends on nothing. Love, the power there is, simply is.

You do not yet believe in love. Let's face it. You have glimpses of love. You have feelings of love. And yet love may seem to elude you. Or you find love, you have it, and then it seems to slip from your fingers.

Love is. Love does not need to be held. It needs to be proffered. Love is seen when you give it. Accept that all love that rushes to you is your own love returned to you. Your love turns around and meets you.

Yet giving love is not an act you perform. Love is greater than that. Love is not a means to an end. Love is not a business deal. Love is meant to be given yet not given as a practice, and, still, just the same, you may need to practice. Love is to be given for no other reason than that it is to be given. And that is your purpose: To find love in your and give it away.

In a way, giving love is like shovelling snow, and it keeps snowing. Only, in the case of love, the more snow there is, the lighter it is. It can be hard to shovel snow. It is not hard to give love. Love wants to give itself. Love wants to be a precursor to more love. And so love becomes a bouncing ball on Earth. It is automatic to catch it and, in the same instant, toss it back, or toss it anywhere. It is not necessary to aim. It is just necessary to give it. It is not necessary as an ordinance. It is necessary in the same way that it is necessary to breathe. It is not a rule. It is not obligatory in the sense of obligation. It is natural to breathe. It is natural to love.

If the love from your heart has been constrained, be tender to the love in your heart and untie it. You may have been sheltering your love. Let love be your shelter, beloveds. Free your love to be its own self. Let it be the size it is. Your love has no limits. It is simply to grow and to blossom.

Giving of love is of great benefit to you. You may think you give love to empower another. It's true that your love does strengthen all it falls on. It causes grass to grow and flowers to bloom. Your love given freely of itself nourishes the hearts of all. To give love from your heart, whether in company or alone, is not an obligation, you understand. Obligated love is not love. Assigned obligated love is effort, and love is effortless.

It is like this. on the fount of your love, and it is turned on. You are not to economize on love. Leave love on. Don't it off. Nothing has to your love off. Love is not for you to restrict. Love enough that a loved one can leave you, and you can continue to wish your loved one well. Love is a general thing, and not so specific as you have always thought.

Love is your Being. As I, God, am love, so are you love. That's how it is. Don't you love it? We love. We are love. Atoms are love. Cells are love. The secret to life is love.

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