God said:

Come, sit down with Me. Let Us recall and forget everything else, for all else can only be imagined. You thought of all else. You feared that is a wolf at your door, ready to eat you up. Soon, before you know it, you will not be what you have imagined. You will never be the same, the same as you imagined, for fear will have left your side.

Ah, what you can be when fear has gone out the window! What a bug-a-boo fear has been. You have fallen for a trick of the mind and abolished Truth. You have worked hard at abolishing Truth. Abolish fear now. Open the windows. You have believed in shadows, and you saw not Truth.

You thought the wind was banging at the windows. It was Truth knocking. Let Truth in. How long will you try to keep Truth out? Truth can only vanquish you which is to say Truth will win you over, and you will be winner of the day. Truth has been waiting for you around the corner. Actually, Truth has been waiting for you within your . Truth has stood on its head to get your attention while your attention has been on something else, perhaps the details of life on . You mistook the details for Truth. You misled yourself. You got yourself off track. You caught a that took you nowhere. It took you to the outback somewhere and left you to wander.

Catch the A-train. It is the Train. There is no ticket to buy. You have already arrived. It's just that you haven't believed it, as if it were too much for you to believe that from you came, and that in you are and nowhere else. There is nowhere else. It was easier for you to believe in lesser things. You accepted less and foreswore . Nevertheless, will not be silent for long. has an impelling voice. You were born to from the first day I thought of you. From comes . Discover your now. It is not new. You went off on a tangent, and now you are returning from your tangent.

All the turmoil in your life on Earth was simply a picture-show. You simply had a bad dream of a wolf appearing at your door. You were fascinated with his appearance, his big teeth and all. You mistook the picture on the screen for the screen, and, therefore, you allowed yourself to be terrorized. You are recovering now. You are finding the underpinnings of yourself. Soon you will burst into song, and you will declare of the Truth of your Self Who art Everyone, which means you are I. There is no place like Heaven. There is no other place than Heaven. Of course, your imagination has done a good job of imagining. You believed in distortion over Truth. Distortion was right in your face. Heaven was in your heart, and yet you chose distortion and called it real.

Your heart was not convinced, however. Your heart knew there was much more than the surface of life. Your heart knew, and yet your heart was not listened to. Your heart has always known. You chose discontent over the simplicity of your heart.

Of course, how can a be satisfied with less than His Kingdom? How can you be satisfied with less than Truth? You simply have kidded yourself and gone off in many directions. You were an explorer and did not immediately find what you were deeply looking for. You were looking in the wrong places. You have to turn around and come back Home in order to find yourself in all your brilliance, for brilliant you are.

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