God said:

You can stop repeating now. Keep your of love. of turmoil, leave behind.

You would not wear the same dress year after year after year. You wouldn't wear the same dress your whole lifetime. And, yet, you may carry old patterns of living, and, still, be surprised at the turn your life has taken this time as if you were a bystander in life.

No matter how uncomfortable you may be with how life seems to have treated you, life has been at your bidding. I am talking patterns. I am saying to pay attention. Pay attention to choices you make. If you tend to run headlong into repeated circumstances, slow down. If you tend to leave yourself out and wait and wait, shake yourself up a little bit. You are not an outsider to your own life. This is your life on Earth We are talking about.

If you feel often taken advantage of, that may be a pattern you solicit. Do not acquiesce to patterns that are not uplifting. Uplift yourself. There is something in you that can agreeably .

You don't have to yell nor do you have to be the one yelled at. You don't have to be dominant nor do you have to be submissive. There is no in life that you have to bow down to.

If you are tall or short, what can you do? Yet, in many matters, what can be changed is, by and large, up to you, up to your thinking, up to you look at yourself and you look at the world at large and the world of your home and work, the world of your own existence.

What would it take for your life to be more of what you want it to be? I would like you to just hold this idea in your . I am not suggesting that you work hard at changing your view of things. I suggest that you be aware. If something is holding you back, it has to be you who holds yourself back. Obstacles lie within you, .

It behooves you to consider yourself responsible for your life and not hold others responsible for your life. Take responsibility for your own . No one else can carry his or her own life and carry yours too.

Life has been offered to you. You have made many choices. You are free to choose now.

We are not talking here of working from the outside. We are talking of opening something within yourself, yourself as capable of change. Begin with yourself. Change lies within you. You are capable of it. See life differently, and your life will change.

If you want to laugh more, you will begin to see reasons to laugh more. No one can see for you or laugh for you.

Across the , I say to everyone: Love yourself more. Love yourself as I do love you. The whole world starts with you. People will come and go in your life on Earth, but you are here at this moment. Make it a moment of love. This one idea alone will move mountains.

Encourage yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Pat yourself on the back extensively. Even if you flunked a test, beloveds, you took it. Help yourself to feel good, not bad. You are seeking your own direction to go in, and you will find it. Be a harbinger of light. Lighten yourself. Because of your growing happiness, the world's happiness will grow. You are the initiator. You are the instigator. You are the institutor of a World.