, Lessons In The Purple Light

February 22, 2012

The different colored lights are there as a tool for you to use

to support you in experiencing yourself, your light.

They basically represent a range of ways

that you can your light.

Your light is you, your experience of yourself, your life, physical and non physical, everything.

And just a heads up that even within the influence of the same colored light,

different people or beings will experience that

in a very individual way.

And this is the first lesson of the purple light:

That you are already

whole and complete

where you are.

Of course, saying or reading or believing this

is not the question.

The question is-

do you have that state?

If not, is that okay?

If you want it, do you choose to pursue that?

Call the purple light.

See it, feel it, imagine it,

bathe in it,

feel it as it is pervading your body and the spaces around your body.

And know that "you are".


through hilarion

Feruary 22, 2012