, Your Light Contains What You Are, If You To Variate It and
Using To Allow Re- Of Your Light

February 22, 2012

Do you think being certain is a good (beneficial) thing for you?

Do you think being certain is a bad ( detrimental or limiting ) thing for you?

Do you think it is good for you to be certain sometimes, a;ways, or never?

Of course, certain about what?

Well, let's say your of the cosmos.

Or your sense of the of love.

And oneness.

You see, whatever path or paths you take or pursue,

will always come up short

Without the " availability " of that unique type of " uncertainty " within

that doesn't bring the feeling of loss of power,

but rather brings you the ability to be utterly open in that moment to the " new " within you,

to becoming the new within,

as it can be manifesting within you, in your light, as your light,

as the forms of consciousness and feeling your light takes.

This experience of the transformation of your light.

These are natural movements of your energy, feeling, and consciousness

that occur within as you align with the key we have offered.

Allowing uncertainty can de-rigid-ize

the mind, mental constructs and concepts,patterns of thinking and seeing.

This is what creates a support with an allowance,\

And so, in that moment,

allows your light to reorganize its vibrational characteristics or realities.

These "realities" are your experience of "reality".

This allows your light the freedom to take different forms.

The various flames of the Chanukah Menorah are an example

of your light expressing as different forms, which means access to multiple experiential realities.

The light, you, dancing,feeling, being, in new ways for you.

So we recommend that you consider practicing this simple process,

which will help you to key in to the experience of these beautiful transformations of your light

within which you may experience.

To tap into this innate ability, capacity.

And without the need for reincarnation to undergo massive reorganization of your energies.

Transition to the fifth dimension, for example,

Is simply your light makes a transition to working, functioning, differently than before.

Actually being different than before,

Your Light experiencing a change in its reality of being.

And this is what you are made of.

If you master your light, you master yourself.

This means not the doldrums of being able to maintain previous structures as a use of your energy,

but rather the abilty to allow completely new realities to form within you, according to your light, made of your light.

This is how you can help yourself, for your self.

This is what you can bring to yourself.

These processes are also governed by "guiding codes" within your being, at this .

The time has come for you no longer to need a contextual, logical, make sense reason to feel or experience Anything within.

As you can draw up any and all experiences within, instantaneously,

As your light learns to take differing forms.

We call this learning to Vary Your Light.

Again, this is an interactive experience with your spirit that you are opening the way to using the key we have shared.

You will be more in the flow of life and your spirit, and this is what is most important now.

It might be better for you as an airplane that stays in the air ,

meaning in touch and fluid with your spirit,

than to be wrestling with re-taking off with much of your time and much of your light.


through hilarion

February 22, 2012