Acronym Translation:
HVDKATURLOVES: Happy Valentine’s Day Kat Your Love Seth!

Who: Kat
What: My promise to be your Valentine
Where: Henderson NV USA EARTH
Why: You simply are the Love you have all-ways desired. You are a spectacular star shining in the night, in truth, You are no less then trillions of stars and billions of galaxies all together you are a entire universe named Kat. Shine my friend, starlight in all-ways illuminates the dark. Darkness simply exist in your light, it is impossible. Breathe, Release, Feel and go be that universe of light and transform yourself and the world in the process.
When: Animation Created 2012-02-14 18:00:00 (Sorry for the delay, damn, it takes a minute to get one of these things together)

This animation has no audio track, your is required, GOTO enter your favorite artist, band or genre. Don’t worry about the song details, just put the animation on (If you are viewing on YouTube be sure a change the player to 1080p HD and go full screen) For maximum results Download the HD video file to your desktop and the player in full screen mode with looping turned on. Then sit back listen up feed your eyes, ears, senses and release the love you are and it in perfection and unity reflect back to you =)

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