Center:  A point of origin, as of influence, ideas, or actions: a center of power. Synonyms: center, focus, headquarters, heart, hub, seat.


For many years, for as long as memory serves me, a request has been asked by source for me to open a center.  I never really understood, or knew, the reason, or need, for a center.

When I would be visited by my “future &;, she would indeed arrive from a center. “Behind&; her, would be a very clear visual of what the territory looked like. It was dry in the summer, but not a desert. It had large trees, and also fruit trees. There were hills or mountains in the not too far distance. And it was really nice to be there.

I have always resisted the idea. Mostly because running a center takes a lot of effort and staff. It is a huge responsibility.  Plus, there are thousands of centers out there, what is the point of another one? Right?

Recently Source asked again, just like when I was asked to go public , to open a center.

My small singularity, ego, had resisted this request for many years.  I wasn’t ready for what it means at a personal and singular level. I already work 24/7 on raising the vibrational level of the planet.  But I do get to have some family time, rest time, and get to interact with my husband and kids every now and then.  Although fleeting. So, a center… hmm.


Then, in December 2011, I invited myself, and was warmly received, by the ECETI family at their home, James Gilliand’s ranch in Washington State.  By sharing a few days with this wonderful team,  I saw the design, the purpose, behind the request from Source that I open a center myself.  A group of people, and larger groups, when they gather in power points on the planet, can create enormous shifts.

So. Back to square one. I told Source I was ready to open a center. From personal experience, I can honestly say that I can keep the intent, and , behind the center from becoming hijacked by my, or other, egos.

Limitations, of course, are self imposed. We are indeed limitless.  It is only the “small self” that is limited.  And, sometimes, we create limits simply to make the game a little more interesting.

So. I started telling a few close friends about the Center.  I use capital “C” for it now, did you notice?. It was received with a knowing of its existence in time/space already.  In other words, they could all see it.  Independently, they gave descriptions of the Center which were identical to what I had seen.

It is based in a small Northern valley.  Close to two international airports, main highways and major cities, but at the same time so remote that our won’t work there.  Probably.

Thanks to the help of some extraordinary individuals, we have located the general location. We are going to be traveling to feel the potential held by some property soon.  If you have any insights yourself as you read this, do post your seeing in the comments section below.

The Center Mechanics

I don’t know if you noticed, but above I wrote that we have to feel the land’s potential, not it’s power.  This is the main difference between this center and most other centers that have been set up by individuals around the world. And, once it is set up, it will become a template for thousands of people to open their own “centers” too, whether in their homes, yards, or formal centers like the one we will open soon.

The difference between “potential” and “power”, is that a power center is already there, working away, active, and that energy can be used by people for many different purposes.

The Illuminati, and also the “hidden power” behind them, have used power centers to amplify their personal agendas for millennium.

A piece of land, or geographical location with potential, is a place that is not yet a power center, but can become one.  Basically, a place where we can open a portal to Source.

Once we do that, it will be like plugging the network of power-centers around the planet to the mains electric power cord.

The Center will stay private and legally “owned” by me, Benz. It will stay out of a corporate structure, and/or board of directors.  I take full responsibility for manifesting it, and creating the channels to receive the funds needed to pay for its physical existence, and pay the staff to run it.  It will be freely accessible to everyone who wants to visit it. There will be events held on site, and via the internet, which will be paid to attend, to keep the Center financially free of debt and the staff properly rewarded for their work.

Once there is no longer a need for the Center, it will go back to “regular” existence. Whether this happens in our lifetime, or at some future point, is irrelevant.

If I leave the body before the Center finishes its service, no guarantee is made that the center integrity and purity of intent and energy will be kept by those who will be left with the Center after my passing.  The best option that I will be implementing is to leave the center to a group of individuals I trust completely, who will then decide the fate of the Center.

Manifesting the Center

Apart from finding a suitable location, we are going to need funds to pay for the Center.  Due to debt being a chain in the link of enslavement, the choice of getting a mortgage is not an option for this.  Whether it is a loan to a Credit Union (if you are going to get a loan, get it from a credit union. It is energetically healthier), or a direct previous owner loan, a loan is still debt.  And, unfortunately, the energies we will be activating are so powerful that any weak link in the construct will blow the whole thing out of the water.

How we are going to make it happen:

  • All donations I receive to support my work here, will from now on go directly into the Center fund. Feel free to donate funds, or pledge time or professional know-how (of land if you own some!) for the creation of this project using the Donation Tab on the site for funds, and the comments form below for time or professional know-how pledge.
    PLEASE NOTE: the comments section will not be published. All comments regarding this center are a way to communicate directly with us with regard the Center, and any contact information you submit will stay private.
  • Also, we will be holding a once a month teleconference fundraiser in the form of “Q&A with Inelia Benz”. Please subscribe to the Newsletter in order to receive news of these online events.
  • Another thing I will be offering, is a series of audio talks which expands on information already on the site.  This will be published soon, and  funds from these talks will go directly toward the Center.
  • Although a willing participant, and I take full responsibility, in the manifestation of this Center for the planet and humanity, I have no attachment to its manifestation. I leave Source to orchestrate the details and timing of its manifestation. Although I do get that it has to be done this year for maximum efficiency of purpose.


This game is just a way to participate in the “seeing” and manifesting of the Center. There is a map below, if you click on it, the map will open in a new window much bigger than the picture you can see here. Open the map, and see if you can locate the Center location. Use whatever tools or intuitive skills you possess, to see if you can locate it. This will help quite a bit.

Send your “seeing”, using the comments section below. As we don’t have a way for you to mark the map and send it back to us, you will need to give location using the road names and town and city names that are there already.  Or you can print and post a paper copy of the map, with the location marked on it, to:

Ascension101 2701 Del Paso Road, Suite 130-153, Sacramento, CA 95835