Published February 22, 2012

from the – Monitoring Branch of inter-planetary and inter-systems facts and events.

Dear Brothers and of Earth, here comes the time of a cosmic fact -for you : planetary- important in the configuration of your ’s evolution : the occurrence of an outside star of this System, which by its orbit is temporarily coming closer and will influence the orbital, magneto-dynamic and telluric parameters of your Planet.

This is not a "worrying" character accident, but rather an expected occurrence, considered with care and science, and that fits into the current configuration of the elevated magneto-telluric and human frequencies in your system of Life.

You are therefore expected to recognize in yourselves and your environment the immediate impacts of these changes –in a non-linear progression, but lightly exponential- that will affect your individual magnetic fields, and therefore the behaviors of your physiologies and thoughts…

Once again, this is not an accident, and should not be part of your individual ‘end of the world’ beliefs and other fantasies. You would be unnecessarily stupidified by the choice of locking yourself into these representations.

We invite you to adapt yourselves with full intelligence to these events, and which can only be factors of considerable change in your habits and modes of operation. Other posts have already been and will be delivered through different channels. Retain only those that keep you in your inner serenity and deep confidence.

The more physical aspects of events generated by this systemic configuration can be non-pleasant indeed – but note that you are actually extremely well prepared internally, and that the joy of renewal is present within your psyche and your hearts, without any doubt. All this is already underway and you know it largely.

The strictly terrestrial magnetic phenomenon of pole reversal you are expecting otherwise is not a consequence of this larger configuration. There may be an eventual synchronicity, nothing more.

This informative message is intended to be concise as other sources of information are and will be dispatched.

Heortan Sheran Ashtar – confirms the authenticity of this scientific communication – Alleluia.

channeled via Christine Anne K
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