Ben Lowrey, an internet researcher of various topics, has interviewed Jason Verbelli. In the interview, Jason shares information about the aether, the Searl Effect Generator, the work of , and discusses many interesting concepts.

by Hank Mills
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There are a lot of theories out there that try to explain how the universe works. An individual who has done a lot of research along these lines is Jason Verbelli. In a recent interview, he talks about the Searl Effect Generator, the work of Nikola Tesla, the aether, and much more. The interview was conducted by Ben Lowrey, and can be viewed here.

As the show begins the natural order of the universe is discussed. It is compared to the concept of Feng shui, which is a method of arranging furniture in a home to allegedly allow for a better flow of energy that can lead to a more peaceful home. Jason claims that Searl's technology uses Feng shui to make better magnets that can allow for an increased flow of energy. Basically, by ordering the magnetic domains geometrically you can produce more powerful magnets. These improved magnets can allow for more energy to be tapped from the aether or the wind that flows through the universe.

The "law of squares" is mentioned, which is a law used to produce the components of the Searl Effect Generator. By using this law, the components of the SEG act like diodes that allow for the aether to flow through them. Magnets are claimed to be powered by the aether, and is asserted to be a form of the aether.

Weather patterns such as tornadoes are discussed as examples of pressure being organized. It is claimed that there is a pressure throughout the universe, and if we can learn to harness that pressure we can produce and other amazing things.

The mystery of how a bee flies was discussed. Apparently, a bee does not have wings large enough to allow it to fly. However, somehow the bee flies anyway, defying the present laws of physics. It is alleged that somehow the bee is manipulating the aether to fly.

As the interview continued, and Bedini were mentioned. It was stated that many technologies have been suppressed by the powers that be. One theory proposed was that Nazi scientists developed many such as free energy, but kept them from the world. Instead they gave the world . This led to the nuclear bomb.

It is alleged that with we can reduce and clean up , which is the opposite of order. What we need to do with exotic technologies is create more order. By creating more order, we can harness the power of the aether.

Tesla's technology was discussed and it was stated that he invented many amazing technologies. Some of them are commonplace such as certain motors and alternating current, but others have not been proliferated. It was also mentioned that Tesla did not agree with relativity. He believed in the existence of the aether.

Near the end of the show, more information about Searl was provided. It was mentioned that he built a Searl Effect Generator that not only generated free energy, but levitated. It was stated that UFOs – both man made and extraterrestrial – could be using this technology.

The show was interesting and is worth listening to. 

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