27 February 2012 Goddesslove


LAUGHTER is a powerful tool. It has been given as a only to humans. No one has heard plants or animals at any time. Laughter is infectious and when someone sees you they are also motivated to , and when they their level is reduced, and you have given them a gift of wellbeing in their life.

Laughter provides great physical and emotional release. Laughter is a higher state of consciousness, and when one is able to hold that state of being, the person becomes lighter, and can vibrate in a place of absolute well being.

The mind stories disapper when there is laughter. Life becomes magical and full of fun when we choose to hold the vibration of laughter. Laughter takes us to a state of egolessness and a non-judgemental attitude, when we laugh we become like little children. In reality laughter brings solutions to all kinds of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems.

Medical research has revealed that laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of health enhancing hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters, it also increases the number of antibody producing cells which promotes a strong immune system, thereby bringing amazing healing and wellbeing in the physical .

 A good belly laugh works our abs, shoulders and makes our muscles more relaxed. It is a good work out for the heart muscles also.

 Many people try to do meditation and have failed because it sounds to be very serious, but when laughter is tried as a meditation, there will be complete benifit for body, mind and soul.

Practicing laughter for no reason is a powerful meditation. Great teachers like the Zen Monk 'Hotei' who is called as the 'Laughing Buddha' taught the simple technique of enlightenment through laughter.

 Choose to bring laughter into your life with light hearted people who laugh a lot, movies and videos that are hilarious and funny, playing games with friends and family, telling jokes and involving in all kinds of celebration and fun. This helps to be in this higher state of vibration which is the sure path to wellbeing in life.

According to the Zen Master Hotei, 'laughter is our birthright' and no matter what happens in our life we must come back to laughter.

By choosing laughter, we bring 'Heaven' into our lives and into this Planet.

May your moments be filled with love, joy, and LAUGHTER, my sweet friends!


~Premlatha Rajkumar~/Goddesslov